People cannot seem to take a joke on social media anymore. I think that there are certain topics out there that are completely valid to get upset about online, but many of the small jokes people are making upset people way too frequently. I often scroll through my Twitter timeline and laugh at the drama that unfolds every time someone in a fandom says something even remotely offensive about someone else's idol.

The other day I was on the site and saw a tweet a girl had quoted of Zayn Malik's picture. Zayn was taking a mirror selfie and his iPhone 6s could be seen. The girl said, "iPhone 6s…..the pillow talk money ran out." Immediately Malik fans began hating on the girl for her comment. I can see why an outsider might see the tweet and think that the girl meant harm and actual shade to the man, but even if she did, there is no need to get so defensive over a tweet. The girl tweeted again saying that she is a big Zayn fan and that she was just making a joke, something most fans have been doing since the beginning of time. It is okay to joke about your idols and to roast them from time to time because you mean well!

I think this situation stemmed from the fact that the boys now have separate fan groups since they split up. Before their split, fans were all on the same team. Now, things are very divided and can lead to mini squabbles like that one.

Another thing that many people tend to do on Twitter is generalize groups of people. I have seen numerous tweets saying that all men are awful. While it is true that many men in this world are awful, not all of them are, and comments like these lead to more and more fights online. People get very offended when seeing hyperbolic tweets. On one hand people should stop generalizing others, but on the other hand, I think that people should also stop being so sensitive and realize the person tweeting something problematic is most likely just an online troll.

I listened to a podcast for my psychology class once and the people talked about how we as humans have an innate need to convince other people that what we believe is right and that what they believe is wrong. This is funny to me because when you think about it, if we have this mentality, everything just cancels out.

The stubbornness we have does not allow us to see things from another perspective. The podcast also touched on the fact that when we see something we don't agree with online, our first reaction is to say what we believe so that others can convert to our way of thinking. They also talked about how these fights often stay in our thoughts all day and they shouldn't since they are usually about minuscule things. They said that the only cure to this impulsive reaction is to remember that not everyone has the same reality and that we need to let go of this so that we can spread positive things online.

I feel like if everyone realized this and stopped trying to make others believe exactly what they believe, the world would be a better place. It is one thing to argue your point and try to make someone else see your view, but it is a whole other thing to be rude and start online feuds over someone not liking the same pizza toppings you like!