I'm A Twenty-Something College Student And I HATE Going Out

I'm A Twenty-Something College Student And I HATE Going Out

Partying in college is definitely not a rite of passage.


For some people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think about the lifestyle of a typical college student is partying. For many college students, this is indeed the norm.

The term "party school" is popular for a reason. If you're at the right place on campus on any given night, chances are a party is happening somewhere. But that's not where you'll ever find me.

For many introverts like myself, this idyllic college lifestyle is our worst nightmare. The idea of being somewhere that is not our home after 8 pm (especially on a school night) sounds miserable to us.

Not to mention, this would likely involve being in a highly populated place and being expected to socialize with other people. For fellow introverts, the term "too people-y" is the perfect description for this type of scenario.

So, no, partying is definitely not my thing. But that does not mean that I am missing out on any part of the true college experience. There are other ways to have fun and meet new people. As the president of a club on campus, I have plenty of opportunities to engage with fellow students and build relationships.

Some believe that partying in college is a sort of rite of passage like you haven't truly lived until you've been to at least one frat party, but is that really true if you don't remember a thing about it the next morning? I think not.

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