If you’re like me, you’ve played the Nancy Drew PC games from Herinteractive. Thirty-two games, filled with puzzles, mystery, interesting characters, and the always spunky Nancy Drew. Here are some thoughts that inevitably go through the minds of any game player.

1.) “It’s locked.” Yes Nancy, I can see that.

Just the first of many.

2.) Nancy, you can’t just ask people how their mother died!

She should really apologize to Miwako, and Joy, and Emily.

3.) Nancy is really bad with guys…

Who says no to Dave? Literally the hottest man in the Nancy Drew universe. And what about Dylan? He wanted to travel the world with her!

4.) …And she’s a terrible girlfriend.

Remember when she forgot her anniversary and flew to Iceland instead?

5.) “It’s locked.” Shut up Nancy, I swear to god!

I didn’t even mean to click on it! Please stop, I know it’s locked.

6.) *Mimics everything Nancy says*

“I already have some rocks.” “Cheeseburger.”

7.) I feel bad for making her get a second chance. *fixes another jellyfish sandwich*

Why is it so fun to make Nancy fail? Especially when Herinteractive had those extremely sarcastic comments after she died.

8.) “It’s locked.” Say it’s locked again, I dare you!

God Nancy, I have the key! Why do I have to click it for you? You know you have it!

9.) Who actually takes the time to solve these puzzles??

Shout out to that fox puzzle in Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Or the tunnels in Phantom of Venice.

10.) I wonder when Sonny Joon will pop up?

It’s always fun to see his doodles in the most random of places.

11.) “It’s locked.” If you would just kick down the door we wouldn’t have this problem!

Literally…it never stops.

12.) You mean it was right there the entire time?!?!

Usually the ending is right under her nose. Like the agate in Secret of Shadow Ranch.

But in the end you love her, and wouldn’t change anything about her. I cannot wait for Midnight in Salem.