In The Age Of Dating Apps These 15 TV Couples Make Me Believe That True Love Still Exists

In The Age Of Dating Apps These 15 TV Couples Make Me Believe That True Love Still Exists

With the hook-up culture sometimes it seems as if real love doesn't exist anymore.


While these characters may be fiction, their love stories provide real life relationship goals and remind me never to settle for anyone less than perfect.

1. Nathan and Haley: "One Tree Hill"

Nathan and Haley are easily my favorite couple of all time. While some aspects of their relationship are totally unrealistic (getting married as juniors in high school), they do showcase a strong relationship. Considering the fact they got married in high school they went through a lot change while being together. They show us that some time apart is healthy, chasing your dreams is just as important as being together, and that in the end if you love someone you can get through anything together.

2. Drew and Rick: "The Night Shift"

Drew and Rick are honestly one of the cutest TV couple of all time. They both support each other through everything. When Rick lost half his leg due to an accident, Drew was there every step of the way through recovery. When Rick was offered his dream job training military members in North Carolina, he turned it down because being with Drew was far more important. When Drew was going to turn down going to Ranger school to be with his family Rick convinced him to go, because he didn't want to stand in the way of Drew's dreams. Also they are amazing parents to their adoptive daughter. The sacrifices they make for each other and the constant support they give each other melts my heart.

3. Cory and Topanga: "Boy Meets World"

Cory and Topanga were one of the first couples on this list that left a imprint on my heart. They went from sweet puppy love to high school sweethearts to a wonderful married couple. Topanga literally gave up going to Yale for Cory. . . Yale. That is crazy. Goes to show how important love is.

4. Zoe and Wade: "Hart of Dixie"

While this relationship had a lot of problems, there are a lot of reasons to look up to this dysfunctional yet functional union. Zoe had this idea in her head of the "perfect" guy. In her mind she was supposed to be with someone who had a noble career like a lawyer or a doctor or even a best selling novelist. This idea she had prevented her from realizing that she loved Wade. he was the complete opposite of everything she was looking for. I mean how could a New York City doctor fall in love with a small town Alabama bartender? But after she realized that her idea of perfect wasn't actually what she needed, she realized that everything she wanted was right in front of her the whole time in Wade. I think this is an amazing thing to take away from this couple, because often times I don't give people a chance just because they aren't my idea of perfect. I'm trying to change, and I have Zoe and Wade to thank for that.

5. Coach Eric Taylor and Tami: "Friday Night Lights"

Tami and Eric demonstrate good communication and teamwork. Although Tami sacrifices a lot for Eric's coaching career he makes sure to let her know that he appreciates her, respects her, and loves her. The Taylor's show how a good love can last and what characteristics make a good marriage work.

6. Brooke and Julian: "One Tree Hill"

Brooke Davis went through so much crap before finally landing the guy of her dreams and having her life come together exactly how she pictured it. Julian is a complete dork, who loves Brooke like no one else ever has. he treats her like a queen and loves everything about her. I honestly think he is the first guy to ever respect Brooke. Brooke and Julian are perfect for each other and show that the love of your life is worth the wait and you should never settle for a man who doesn't respect you.

7. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky: "Full House"

If you don't think Jesse and Becky are relationship goals, we can't be friends.

8. Jim and Pam: "The Office"

I cried over their wedding scene for approximately an hour. It was perfect and wonderful and made me realize you don't need a big over the top perfect wedding because the only thing that really matters is the fact that you are marrying the love of your life.

9. Meredith and Derek: "Grey's Anatomy"

Their relationship was so dramatic, but also so perfect. Between Meredith's declaration of love to Derek while he was still married to Addison, the post it note and the drawing of the brain tumor on the wall there are so many moment where I fell in love with Meredith and Derek's relationship.

10. DJ and Steve: "Full House/Fuller House"

They were cute in high school and they are even cuter now. Steve and DJ were meant to be since the Full House days and it has been fun watching them reconnect on Fuller House. They are another couple that shows that sometimes you ahve to wait for love.

11. Monica and Chandler: "Friends"

Monica is kind of crazy and uptight while Chandler is hilarious and pretty easy going. At first glance you wouldn't think this pair would work, but they show that sometimes opposites attract!

12. Colt and Abby: "The Ranch"

Abby and Colt encounter a lot of problems together, but in the end the only thing that matters to them is each other. Abby's smarts balances out the fact that Colt is the dumbest human being alive. Abby's patience for Colt balances out the fact that he is reckless. Basically what I am getting at is that they complement each other nicely and their relationship shows that love can get you through the low points and life and amplifies the high points.

13. Alex and Jo: "Grey's Anatomy"

Both characters had a rough life before becoming doctors. They understand each other like no one else could and always give each other a shoulder to lean on. Even though sometimes their similarities can lead to problems in the relationship their love always brings them back to each other. Alex and Jo are the definition of a strong support system and the way they care for each other makes my heart flutter.

14. Luke and Lorelai: "Gilmore Girls"

First, they had a really cute friendship, then they had an even cuter relationship. No matter what Luke was always there for Lorelai. He understood her quirky ways like no one else (besides maybe Rory) could. In the end, if Lorelai ended up with anyone but Luke she would have been settling.

15. Amelia and Owen: "Grey's Anatomy"

A lot of people don't like Amelia and Owen together and I just don't get it. They always help each other when times are tough. Whether it is Owen being their for Amelia when she had brain surgery or Amelia helping Owen raise a baby he adopted. Even when they are not a couple they are there for each other and I think that matters. They have a lot of love and respect for each other and if they don't end up together love on Grey's Anatomy is dead.

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30 Reasons Brooke Davis Is Forever The Iconic Queen Of 'One Tree Hill'

Sometimes being single and independent will get you farther in life than worrying about guys and fake friends.

Every "One Tree Hill" fan out there undoubtedly has the ability to go on and on about why this show is beyond amazing and unlike any other show to grace our lives. Some things are a little far-fetched but for nine straight seasons, it was hard not falling in love with all the characters as if they were legitimate people in our real, everyday lives— you either loved them since day one or hated them every other episode.

Every character is unique and relatable in their own ways but no one will top Brooke Davis' character transformation in Tree Hill. She's someone everyone should strive to be despite being a fictional character and what's even more amazing is that actress, Sophia Bush, makes sure that B. Davis' legacy will forever live on— because let's be real, "One Tree Hill" isn't going anywhere, even after years of being off-air.

We all know that there's only one Tree Hill, but there really is only one Brooke Davis and here's 30 reasons why she will forever be the iconic queen of "One Tree Hill" always and forever:

1. She believes anyone can overcome any sort of stereotype.

2. She's driven and makes things happen.

3. She knows how to give her heart to someone.

4. She still tries to see the good in everyone regardless them betraying her.

5. She even forgives those who don't deserve to be forgiven.

6. She's not afraid to make a fool out of herself.

7. She isn't afraid to do something bold to impress a guy or keep things hot.

8. She knows to never settle for less than what she deserves.

9. She stays strong for those around her who need it.

10. She emphasizes how success means nothing if you have no one to share it with.

11. She's all about fun and good times.

12. She will always be straight with you.

13. She will make guys go out of their comfort zone to prove to her why they deserve her.

14. She believes everyone should love themselves indefinitely because it's OK not to fit society's expectations.

15. She stayed true to herself and never changed for anyone.

16. She overcame so many toads before finding Prince Charming.

17. She will crush you with words if need be.

18. She's a true girl boss and has admirable integrity.

19. She's never afraid to be a sasshole.

20. She will go off if you mess with someone she loves.

21. She knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time.

23. She isn't afraid of her 'crazy' side being seen because everyone has 'crazy' in them.

24. She proves that happiness is one of the most beautiful qualities to have.

25. "At the end of the day, you are who you are and it's probably who you've always been."

26. It doesn't matter who you are, if you're a nice person, she will be your friend.

27. She knows how to be a friend and will be the very best one you'd ever have.

28. She isn't afraid to admit she misses the past sometimes.

29. She's an always and forever-type of friend.

30. She reminds us that fairy tales do, in fact, exist so always keep your head up.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Syllabus Week As Told By The 'New Girl' Herself, Jessica Christopher Day

Have we ever need Jessica Day's positivity more in this week than any other? I think not.


Have we ever need Jessica Day's positivity more in this week than any other? I think not.

Monday morning, when you realize you have an 8 A.M.


That feeling of hitting the snooze one too many times. We have all been there.

When you finally get to the class you actually are going to enjoy.


Even if that means that you may have one bad grade once in a while, still worth it.

When you forgot about that one class that you needed for your major, and it is not on your schedule. 


Just keep checking that schedule plan, maybe something will turn up.

Ladies, when your monthly friend makes an appearance during class and you are not prepared.


We have all been here.

When the teacher says mandatory attendance or you will not pass. 


Honestly, there is nothing worse than those words coming out of the teacher's mouth.

When you see a Starbucks, but know that last semester you ran out of money.


I have fallen into temptation too many times already.

When you had 3 pop quizzes over the syllabus, and your roommate asked what's wrong.


She's just being supportive, but give me time.

When you realize syllabus week is over, and it can only go down from here. 


Just keep being Jess, and maybe it will go up!

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