Here's When The Best 29 TV Shows Of 2019 Premiere
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Here's When The Best 29 TV Shows Of 2019 Premiere

Get the premiere dates so you can start counting down to the returns of some TV show favorites.

Here's When The Best 29 TV Shows Of 2019 Premiere

Happy new year! Now that the holidays are over, we can look forward to the return of our TV shows after they left us on cliffhangers at the end of 2018. Lots of shows are also coming back for the first time in the 2018-19 season, meaning that we've been waiting since spring to resolve some of these loose ends.

Here's what I'm watching at the beginning of 2019, new and old, plus one show that premiered in late December 2018.

"Black Mirror," Netflix, December 28

The highly anticipated new installment of this science-fiction anthology was added to Netflix at midnight on December 28th, 2018. Consistent rumors implied that the next episode would be in a "choose-your-own-adventure" format. True to the rumors, "Bandersnatch" is an interactive Black Mirror movie, resulting in some very at theories, evaluations, and replays.

Having watched "Bandersnatch," I can confirm that it will blow your mind and mess with your head, much like its preceding episodes. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little longer for the 5th season: the movie was so complex that the new season has been delayed and will be released sometime in 2019. Rest assured, you'll hear of it. In the meantime, you can rewatch all of "Black Mirror" AND view "Bandersnatch" on Netflix.

"Doctor Who," BBC America, January 1

"Doctor Who" didn't have a Christmas special this year as it has in the past, but it's making up for lost time with a New Years' special. Enjoy it while it lasts -- this is reported to be the last episode of "Doctor Who" until 2020! Amazon Prime members can watch all episodes from the 2005 revival of "Doctor Who" online. BBC America also posts episodes the day after they air.

"Married at First Sight," Lifetime, January 1

I don't watch a lot of reality TV, but this one's pretty interesting. The premise is simple: two strangers meet at the altar and get married. They are matched through a painstaking interview and psychological profile process. The rest of the season documents each couple's adjustment to married life, and each other, all leading up to Decision Day, when they decide whether they want to continue with their legally binding marriage...or get a divorce.

Though much of this series is just really stupid, pointless drama, it's worth watching when one of the featured couples actually falls in love. In its seven seasons so far, five of 21 couples are still together. Not a great track record, but it's a lot of fun to see those couples grow together. Season 8 will feature four couples instead of three, all from Philadelphia: Will & Jasmine, Stephanie & AJ, Kate & Luke, and Kristine & Keith.

Previous seasons are available on Lifetime's website. And if you want guaranteed success, watch Seasons 1, 5, 6, or 7. At least one couple from these seasons are still together and you get to watch them fall in love! You can watch the new season the day after they premiere on Lifetime's website.

"grown-ish," Freeform, January 2

Last year, a spin-off of popular ABC Comedy "black-ish" premiered, featuring the oldest Johnson daughter's journey to college. It returns with Season 2 on Freeform on Wednesday, January 2nd. In the meantime, watch Season 1 on Freeform's website!

"Speechless," ABC, January 4

This heartfelt TV comedy about a special-needs family returns with Season 3 on Friday, January 4th.

"Manifest" NBC, January 7

Suspenseful sci-fi drama "Manifest" returns Monday, January 7th, after leaving us with a cliffhanger at its midseason finale. When we last left our characters, Ben's wife has kicked him out of the house and they've just rescued the formerly missing passengers... losing their government ally, Vance, in the process. The next episode is called "Crosswinds."

Tune in at 10 pm on January 7th, or watch the next day on Hulu or NBC's website.

"Splitting Up Together," ABC, January 8

ABC's second season comedy about a newly divorced couple comes back on Tuesday, January 8th after a brief winter hiatus.

"New Amsterdam," NBC, January 8

We finally get to find out what happened to Max after his dramatic collapse in the fall finale! "New Amsterdam" returns at 10 pm on Tuesday, January 8th.

"FBI," CBS, January 8

There was no cliffhanger when "FBI" aired its last episode of 2018, but I've still missed this action-packed show every week. Each episode is an independent storyline following a case in New York City, each solved despite twists and turns. It returns on Tuesday, January 8th at 9 pm on CBS.

"black-ish," ABC, January 8

ABC's family comedy returns January 8th. This season, second-oldest child Junior has been taking a gap year, and the twins have started puberty and middle school.

"Single Parents," ABC, January 9

Freshman comedy “Single Parents" features an ensemble of diverse single parent families that support each other in raising their children and staying sane. The cast features SNL alum Taran Killam and former “Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester, plus a group of adorable kids.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine," NBC, January 10

Beloved Michael Schur comedy returns to television following its heartbreaking cancellation and subsequent pickup by our hero, NBC. Season 5 left off right after Jake and Amy's wedding, and Captain Holt had just found out about the commissioner position...and shared the news with nobody. Season 6 is said to pick up on the couple's honeymoon, but preview pics imply that it might be a honeymoon for 3, with Holt along for the ride. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is back on Thursday, January 10th, joining a fantastic line up of Thursday night comedies.

"Fam," CBS, January 10

This new comedy premieres on CBS on January 10th. "Fam" follows a woman and her fiancé whose world is turned upside down when her younger sister moves with them. Clem must balance her fiance's family with her own trainwreck family. Hard to say if this show will be a hit, but tune in with me on January 10th to decide.

"The Good Place," NBC, January 10

“The Good Place" returns from its hiatus on January 10th. When we last saw the gang, they had just arrived at the ACTUAL Good Place, after finding out that no one had gotten in for over 500 years. What's next for the Soul Squad? Are Eleanor and Chidi finally going to have a relationship? What will come of the revelation that Jason was once married to Janet? And WHY hasn't anyone gotten into the Good Place in so long?? Lots of questions, and only three more episodes of the season to answer them.

"The Good Doctor," ABC, January 14

ABC's Monday night medical drama returns on January 14th, and the wait is almost over to figure out what happens to Dr. Lim and the several patients who were mid-treatment when the last episode ended. The episode, aptly named "Quarantine Part Two," will certainly ease my mid-season finale anxieties. I mean, the episode literally ended mid-panic attack. Of course I'm stressed!

"The Resident," FOX, January 14

FOX's Monday night medical drama also returns on January 14th. This one left us off with Conrad's father in surgery with Dr. Bell, a QuoVadis device rep driven off the road, and a relationship ended at the altar... and that's just the beginning. The next episode is called "After the Fall:" Lane Hunter's victims and their families become outraged when she is released from prison. Bell, although responsible for posting Lane's bail and getting her released, continues to be tortured by her manipulation. Dang! And that doesn't even answer any of the OTHER cliffhangers we were left with.

"The Passage," FOX, January 14

Not much is known about this new Monday night FOX drama, except for that it has to do with a failed government experiment...and that the only one that can save everything is a little girl. Something goes terribly wrong when death row inmates turn into vampires. This sounds ridiculous, but "The Passage" still looks pretty interesting.

"Grey's Anatomy," ABC, January 17

The popular long-running medical drama returns on January 17th after the midseason cliffhanger left most of our characters in an elevator. Oh, don't forget a love triangle, an unexpected pregnancy, and some patients in dire condition. LET'S GO, TGIT!

"Saturday Night Live," NBC, January 19

The long-running sketch comedy series will be back at last on Saturday, January 19th. The host and musical guest are yet to be announced.

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," Netflix, January 25

The last installment of Tina Fey’s Netflix comedy drops on Netflix on Friday, January 25th.

"Proven Innocent," FOX, February 15

The premise of this new drama is simple: a woman, once behind bars for a crime she didn't commit, now works on a legal team to exonerate innocent prisoners. Will this be the next great TV legal drama? I'll be watching after it premieres on February 15th to find out.

"The Enemy Within," NBC, February 25

This mid-season drama, premiering in late February, portrays a desperate FBI agent who enlists an incarcerated, traitorous CIA agent to help him track down an elusive and dangerous criminal. We'll just have to see how this matches up to other shows, especially as it joins many really good Monday night dramas.

"Whiskey Cavalier," ABC, February 27

Starring Lauren Cohan and "Scandal" alum Scott Foley, ABC's new Wednesday night comedy follows a pair of CIA agents. Usually, law enforcement TV shows take on the shape of an hour long drama, but "Whiskey Cavalier" will join the likes of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as a comedic adventure into the CIA.

"Good Girls," NBC, March 3

If you haven't watched this hilarious, action-packed drama from NBC, DO SO. It's ten episodes of everything getting worse very, very quickly. Featuring Retta ("Parks and Rec"), Mae Whitman, and Christina Hendricks, "Good Girls" follows the story of three mothers, desperate for money, who rob a grocery store... and quickly find themselves caught up in a dangerous yet rather successful crime spree. It returns on March 3rd, so you've got two months to catch up!

"Superstore," NBC, March 7

The fourth season of big box store comedy "Superstore" returns on March 7th, joining the line up with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "AP Bio," and "Will & Grace." Though it didn't end on a huge cliffhanger in December, Amy has started to consider management as her next career move, plus we're waiting to see how her relationship with Jonah progresses. Major multi-episode plot arcs aside, this show is always funny, and it'll be a long two months without it.

"AP Bio," NBC, March 7

Season 2 of NBC's school comedy returns alongside "Superstore" on Thursday, March 7th. The show is about an Ivy League philosophy professor turned high school teacher...but he's teaching AP Bio, something he has no interest or expertise in. For a classroom full of high-achieving students who want to learn, Jack Griffin is their worst nightmare. But for Jack, he's excited to have some smart people in the room to help him reach his goals no matter how petty they may be. Writers for this ridiculous TV show include Seth Meyers and Mike O'Brien, both former writers for SNL.

"Station 19," ABC, March 7th, 9 

While we don't have to wait much longer to find out what happens on its sister show “Grey's," unfortunately we're not going to get answers about “Station 19" until March! The squad was left in a variety of conundrums when the show paused in the fall, the direst of which features their captain and Andy in a crashed ambulance in a ravine.

"For the People," ABC, March 7

Season 2 of Shonda Rhimes' new legal drama premieres on March 7th, joining the TGIT lineup alongside “Grey's Anatomy" and “Station 19." It replaces “How To Get Away With Murder," which usually ends its seasons in early spring.

"9-1-1," FOX, March 18

Fans of FOX’s first responder drama have to wait until mid-March for the continuation of the fall finale cliffhangers. In the meantime, I’m missing my favorite Monday night show!

What's your 2019 TV list look like? Sound off in the comments!

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