Turning 17: That Insignificant Age Between 16 And 18

Turning 17: That Insignificant Age Between 16 And 18

How I really feel about turning 17.

Allison Pericles

I turned 17 on Friday. I can’t tell you what my day was like because I wrote this on Thursday although this will go live on Monday.

The weird thing is, I’m not even excited at all. Of course I’m looking forward to getting presents and cake (gluten-free, of course), but I’m not looking forward to actually being 17. Being 17 years old is sandwiched between two major milestones, which are (say ‘em with me) getting a driver’s license and being an adult. Some people say that you become the dancing queen when you turn 17, and I have seen "Momma Mia!", but I still don’t fully understand it. To be frank, turning 17 is a little bit insignificant, which I don't really mind since I’ve always preferred to live my life on the down-low. Also, my birthday is kind of being overshadowed by graduation, which I am also not complaining about.

As anyone can probably tell you, birthdays become increasingly less exciting as you get older. As a child, birthdays are a lot more thrilling because cake and presents are more hypnotizing when you’re that age. Also, you usually had some type of birthday party clad with everyone in your elementary school class and some form of entertainment whether it be a bouncy castle or a rented petting zoo. Now, people usually just have a birthday dinner of some sort. I stopped having actual birthday celebrations with friends when I was 14 I think (mom and dad- confirm or deny?), and I really desire nothing more than a dinner with my family.

To summarize how I feel about my birthday in a word: eh.

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