11 Tells You Were A True Tumblr Teen Before Yahoo! Made It Mainstream

11 Tells You Were A True Tumblr Teen Before Yahoo! Made It Mainstream

"Strict parents make sneaky kids."

If you've been at all somewhat present on the internet in the last ten years, then you've most likely heard of a wonderful website called Tumblr. If you're anything like me, you spent the majority of your teen years scouring this website for hours whenever you got the chance.

Classic Tumblr, the Tumblr before Yahoo bought the rights, allowed pre-teens to take over and changes all of the settings to be more family friendly, that Tumblr in the good old days was a magical teenage angst land.

I sometimes miss my private online life where I could reblog some gifs of Alex Turner when life felt too "adult." If you were a fellow Tumblr teen, you get it.

1. Your URL was a piece of your soul.

Maybe you worked super hard on coming up with a URL from the get-go, or maybe you just grew to love a URL you made up on the spot, but your URL was a part of your identity. It was your namesake and your brand, and it's forever engrained in your memory. To this day, you could rattle off your URL in your sleep.

2. Images like this give you flashbacks.

Strict parents create sneaky kids. (Take Me) I'm Yours. The Arctic Monkeys AM album cover. Matty Healy singing in a gif of a The 1975 music video. You know the images. You've liked and reblogged the images. Seeing these images today conjures up memories of sitting in your bedroom, listening to Lana Del Rey and wistfully wondering when you're real life is going to actually start.

3. You always came across something X-rated.

You could only be following Disney-related blogs, and still, something X-rated and sexual would appear on your dashboard. It was almost unsettling if you didn't come across something inappropriate.

4. You had favorite blogs.

You had blogs that were you're favorite, and you'd check them at least once a day. Maybe the blog was funny, maybe it was a fandom blog, maybe it was politics or maybe you just liked someone's aesthetic.

5. Speaking of other blogs, you wanted to make friends.

The whole "Don't talk to strangers on the internet" advice completely went out the window when you logged into Tumblr. It was assumed that no one was an ax murderer, and everyone was your friend. Maybe you had Tumblr friends, maybe you had a Tumblr crush, maybe you're even still in touch with people. I knew two girls who became best friends just because of Tumblr. My freshman year roommate and I even followed each other one Tumblr months before we moved it. It was a community.

6. You grew to resent certain fandoms or styles.

Man oh man, in the thick of my Tumblr days, I wanted to strangle anyone who was a Dr. Who or Supernatural fan. They highjacked ever post with a Tardis meme and Sam Winchester gif whenever they saw an opening. I still have to squash my judgments when I find out people are fans of these things IRL.

7. Speaking of IRL, you've always kept up with internet language.

Fandom? Ship? Fanfic? DTR? UNF? IRL? NSFW? You kept up with it all to keep up with the conversations. You could drop your own course in Rosetta Stone of the Internet Language because you knew what literally everything meant.

8. You also kept up with the jokes too.

9. You kind of (or a lot) know about coding, websites and graphic designs.

Maybe you were the person who literally coded entire blog themes, or maybe you were the person always cranking out the crispest and clearest gifs, or maybe you were like maybe and just barely had a grasp on how to customize your Header and curser. Either way, you knew about something about building a website before you knew it was a real-life skill people when pay schools to teach them.

10. You wanted to be a Tumblr girl.

Admit it: you wanted to be like the girls on Tumblr, especially after G-Eazy dropped a song talking about how he was literally in love with them. You wanted beautiful hair and a nice body, and you wanted to skateboard down Sunset Boulevard with your friends and a box of In-N-Out so bad. You wanted to do all these things, and you wanted to look effortlessly cool doing them.

10. You guarded your blog with your life.

One of your worst nightmares was the wrong person stumbling into your blog. You didn't link your Tumblr to any other platform, and you sure as heck did not announce your URL address to your peers. Only a few of my friends knew and kept up with my Tumblr, and even then I was stingy about who saw what.

11. But you wanted to be Tumblr famous.

Despite not wanting anyone to know your Tumblr URL, you still wanted to be Tumblr famous. (It doesn't make a lot of sense, I know). You wanted your posts to get a lot of notes. You dreamed of seeing that little K next to your notes number. You tried to win feature contests, and you tried to become mutuals with blogs higher up on the food chain. It was like a little elitist Hollywood inside of a website, and you were just trying to be Angelina Jolie.

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When God Gives A Girl A Brother

He gives her a best friend.

My brother is only 18 months younger than I am, but he's also at least a foot taller than me. Growing up with someone so close to my age has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Yes, there was a time when I thought every single little thing he did was annoying and his feelings towards me were mutual. Yes, we still get into arguments and disagreements. But for the most part, we enjoy each others company. When God gives a girl a brother, He gives her...

1. A listener

I always have someone to talk to. No matter what, when, or where. Some of my favorite moments are spent chatting my brother's ears off while he absent-mindedly nods and continues to play x-box. Sometimes he just listens and doesn't say anything. Sometimes he gives me long replies. He always knows just how to react to what I am saying to him, which is why I tell him almost everything.

2. A protector

When I think about the man that my brother has become, it seriously brings tears to my eyes. He's so big!! How did this happen? I can remember when I was little and could boss him around and he would actually do whatever I said. Now I'm scared that if he hugs me too hard, I might break in half. My brother cares about me, and lets me know it. I'm so thankful to know that he is there for me no matter what and would do anything to keep me from harm.

3. A dance partner

Another favorite memory is dancing to Juju on that beat in the kitchen while mom is cooking dinner (or dancing with us). Or any other time any other song is on... in any other place... LOL. My brother and I are different in a lot of ways, but we both have no problem busting a move together.

4. A Sonic date

"Hey, wanna go get a sonic drink?" "Yeah, if you're buying!" This is a typical conversation for us, and he actually really does usually buy my food! (With mom's credit card sometimes, does that still count?)

5. An example

Being the older sister, I sometimes feel like I have let my brother down in a lot of ways in that he is probably an example to me more than I am to him. He is incredibly smart, talented, and hard working. Kids FLOCK to this guy, and he has the most creative mind ever. Seriously, I'm so nervous that my future kids are going to like their funny uncle more than me. He's way cooler than I am, and I want to be just like him when I grow up.

6. Comic relief

If you've never heard a "Lane Prevett story," pull up a chair. I will be glad to make you cry from laughing so hard. There's no way you can spend time with him and not laugh. And that, to me, is the best kind of person to be.

7. A best friend

My brother is a lot of things, but my favorite thing about him is that he is my best friend. Yes, we aggravate each other. Sometimes he plays his music too loud, and sometimes I take up all the internet so that he can't play video games. But I know that he would do anything for me, and he knows the same goes for him.

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Sorry, Bella Thorne, But Whoopi Goldberg Has A Point

Nude photos leaked, a scandal on the rise


It all started with nude photos. Bella Thorne decided to release photos of herself naked after revealing that someone had hacked her things and was threatening to post them. She took it upon herself and said "It's MY DECISION NOW U DON'T GET TO TAKE YET ANOTHER THING FROM ME. I can sleep tonight better, knowing that I took my power back."

Let me make this clear from the very beginning. Bella has taken private, nude photos of herself for a reason we don't know (Probably to send to her boyfriend). She then gets hacked and threatened but decides to show photos anyway of herself naked to show that she has control over the hacker. Phew, I'm already not understand this choice.

Many celebrities and other women have praised her decision to do so, but I'm not one of them, and neither is Whoopi Goldberg from The View. While talking about the situation on the show, she was quoted saying, "Listen, if you're famous, I don't care how old you are, you don't take nude pictures of yourself. When they're hacking you, they're hacking all of your stuff. So, whether it's one picture or a million pictures, once you take that picture, it goes into the cloud, and it's available to any hacker who wants it. If you don't know that in 2019, that this is an issue ... you don't get to do that."

Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't she making a valid point? Technology now has the ability to do whatever it wants, and hackers can get a hold of anything and everything. Whatever photos you take and send through text or even Snapchat can and will be saved to phones or shared among other people. How many celebrities getting texts, photos, or even calls leaked to the media?

In response to Whoopi, Bella is stating that she should be ashamed of her views, that she is putting the blame on girls for taking photos and is sick and disgusting. Can I make this clear again, she is not shaming you! She is simply saying that people (Not just girls, guys as well) should be smarter with what photos they take, who they send them to and know where they could possibly end up. It's not shaming; it's not a lie; it is the exact truth.

In one of her quotes, Bella says, "So what a girl can't send her boyfriend that she misses photos of her that are sexy? Things he's already seen?". I'm sorry, but I find this sentence very problematic. No one is saying that you can't be sexy for your boyfriend, just be smart about it. Sure, he's seen you naked, sure you've had sex, but the rest of the world hasn't. Just because one person gets the right to see it doesn't mean everyone else does as well. Hackers are out there, they are real, and they are real for celebrities and Hollywood.

Now yet again, Bella is twisting this story into something that it isn't. Now in videos that she has made explaining her view, she suggests that Whoopi is victim-blaming and would say the same thing to someone who survived sexual assault. On Instagram, she said, "So, if I go out to a party drinking and I wanna dance on the dance floor, do I deserve to be raped too?". Now I'm sorry yet again, don't start going on a parade by throwing this into the mix.

You got hacked and someone was going to leak naked photos of you. You decide to leak them yourself because you are not letting a man control your life. Then you compared it to drinking at a party, wanting to dance and asking if you deserved to be raped by doing that? Okay, how are these two even being compared? I'm not going to get too into this but think about it. Taking private photos are risky now with hackers, anyone can get into it without a problem. It's 2019, this has been going on for years. You say a man can't control your life so you release them anyway. A woman being raped at a party where she has no control is different. You chose to take pictures with the risk of them being leaked. A woman does not chose to be raped just because she is dancing at a party. Sorry, there's a difference.

Sorry Bella Thorne, but Whoopi Goldberg is not shaming you, she is not victim blaming. She is simply saying the truth.

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