10 Signs You're Bad At Making Life Decisions As told By Chidi From "The Good Place"

10 Signs You're Bad At Making Life Decisions As told By Chidi From "The Good Place"

What the fork?

Decisions. Those are hard to make, especially when they're big life decisions that can affect your future or an important moment during your day. Personally, I have come to realize that I am the worst when it comes to making decisions. I can barely decide where I want to eat or what I want to eat! I've been watching "The Good Place" lately and I have come to terms that Chidi Anagonye, an ethics professor on the show that has troubling making decisions, is basically the male version of me. Here are 10 signs you're probably bad at making life decisions:

1. Ordering food when you have so many favorites is the worst. Then the waiter comes and you're forced to decide one and out of sheer panic you just choose one:

2. When it's time to decide on a career path, but your major is so broad that you have endless paths that you can take:

3. When you can't decide so you start to ask other people to get their opinions:

4. When you feel good about a decision, but then you start to second guess yourself

5. When you're not sure if you should date that person or not

6. When your friends start to get mad at you because you're just that indecisive:

7. Even just deciding which floor to go on when you get to a multi-level shopping department gets you a little crazy:

8. Sometimes you just need your space to give your mind some clarity

9. Something as simple as going for frozen yogurt can be very overwhelming:

10. Just thinking about making decisions for the rest of your life makes you a little frightened:

Cover Image Credit: Multiverseradio Instagram

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For Those Struggling With Gift Ideas, Here Are 5 Creative And Unique Ideas

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This gift is super easy to personalize. I have bought from @jessiegirljewelry through Amazon before. She has plenty of options on how you can customize your keychain for whomever you are buying it. You can get a quote, a special date, coordinates of a meaningful place, names and so much more engraved, you name it!

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