I recently stumbled upon a YouTube Channel called "Yes Theory" during one of my late night binges. I usually attract to make-up/fashion videos, vloggers and the occasional comedian, but this channel was nothing like I had ever seen before.

A group of four guys from four different parts of the world decided to make a channel in 2015. Their motto for their channel and for life is "We believe that life can be as authentic & fulfilling as you wish if you Seek Discomfort. We make videos about it." I believe everyone should check out their channel or at least live by their motto.

Have you ever tried to "Seek Discomfort?"

Have you ever gone outside of your comfort zone and done something exhilarating? Ammar, Thomas, Matt, and Derin have shown time and time again that seeking discomfort and doing scary and exciting new things can make you feel on top of the world and unstoppable.

As humans, we hate being uncomfortable, therefore we never push ourselves to look for discomfort and tackle it. Try it sometime, it's definitely a whole new lifestyle.

They're extremely contagious.

They even say so in their videos. Watching them jump out of a plane or meet Will Smith makes you want to go do exactly that. They make it look like facing your fears isn't as scary as we make it out to be. Watching the high they get after conquering their fears gives you a giddy feeling while laying in your bed on the other side of the continent.

Imagine living with no hesitations.

I have recently been living my life with a "no hesitation" rule and after stumbling upon "Yes Theory," it has empowered that even more. Imagine not just seeking discomfort, but going head-on with your everyday fears with no hesitations. Imagine overcoming your everyday stressors and anxiety because you aren't afraid to face them. It sounds so simple.

The "Yes Theory" has given me a new way to look at life and I didn't have to jump out of a plane to do that. If they can conquer their fears head on and put it on YouTube for millions to see, I think I can conquer mine as well. If you want your life to be as fulfilling as you want it to be, you have to seek discomfort and that's exactly what they challenge you to do.