Truth Be Told; I Think Everything Might Be A Lie

Specificity has never been my strong suit, as I feel like most of the times the redundancy of things, mixed with the uncertainty of upcoming events gives life it's peculiarly comical, yet very haunting side. Condensing ideas into words is a very hard task, although it may not seem like it, it is one that requires a great understanding of the particular subject one is inquiring on. Because life allows us to be the versatile, as we are constantly able to re-invent ourselves time after time, without ever stopping this frenetic train of thought, muscle and passion we are lucky to be riding in this here time and space. And as we constantly move and project ourselves to our surroundings, what comes out is not always what we expect, if we are not careful the many ideas that circle our head every day can change, evolve or even disappear before they leave our lips.

Confusing ideas and mixing emotions into actions can caused terrible outcomes as it is hard to realize when Vanity becomes Ego, turns into Pride, leading into Ignorance, which along sides Fear creates Hatred--empty, powerful hatred. Just like that, unjustified hate has it's roots in one's own insecurities, forever proving that the old tales are true, and every time you point the finger at someone you have three pointing at yourself.

"What do you have, that I have, that I hate you for?"

Speculating on the meaning of other peoples words and actions has become a virus that infects all of our conversations, transforming day to day interactions into files to be examine after each encounter has ended. This leaves us with nothing but groups of very shy individuals, all trying to read in between the lines of each others words, desperately trying to look for how he or she is trying to play them. Even sadder, are the people who can purposely do this, as they continue to create an environment of miss trust; a very well decorated one.

Confusion reigns supreme in the land of mishaps, many of which could be avoided if somehow we did not lose sight of the importance of values like trust and loyalty, kindness and love. The real essence of this sentiments has been deteriorating for a while now, leaving us with nothing but sad, empty vessels of emotions that we keep on forcefully jamming into our hearts, trying to fill the echoing void that is left on it by the images we are fed by dishonest people, who are creative masters in this game of appearances and statuses.

Nothing can be done to stop this, the only thing we can try doing is changing our own attitudes and ideas of what is truly important. This is no easy task, it will require taking chances and falling more than a few times. Putting ourselves out there is a scary endeavor, especially when our intentions are honest, because doing good has no instant reward. After all the heart might be the only thing that gets heavier every time a piece breaks off. This why it is imperative to do good, to good people, not jus any one. Help those who truly deserve it, those who will use your help to do something for this world, not just survive. Lastly, be with the ones that will truly try their hardest at thriving along sides you, but if they happen to chose a different path, make sure to leave them with a smile, a hug and an "I wish you well" from the heart.

It is very hard to feel sad for long when you've been hurt from trying to do the right thing. It is very hard to regret saying something you meant from the bottom of your heart and it is impossible for you to not succeed, although it might seem to take longer, in this life by being honest and truly humble. Society will feed you the lie that the opportunists and the cheaters will make it first, and it might seem that way, but it's a long and winding road from here 'till the finish line. Don't lose hope and dont't lose your smile.

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