Living With Migraines: 11 Things You Need To Know
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11 Hard Truths Migraine Sufferers Have To Accept

No, a migraine and headache are not the same thing.

11 Hard Truths Migraine Sufferers Have To Accept
Hannah Blanton

I got diagnosed with migraines back in 2012 and I've come to accept these 11 hard truths that come from the battle of migraines. I'm not saying it's easy to accept them because it took me six years to finally accept all of these things and trust me, there are still days that I try fighting against the new norm that migraines bring.

You'll Have To Live With It 

Sounds simple, right? Well, when you have to live with waking up with a splitting migraine every morning then it gets a bit more complicated.

Your Triggers Aren't Going To Make Sense 

People love to think that a migraine trigger has to something simple like staying on the computer too much. While that may be your trigger, other triggers may be simply smelling something different and all of the sudden, you have a migraine from Satan.

Triggers change and they don't make sense. You might as well accept it instead of fighting it because you'll always lose that battle.

Medicine Literally Can't Help You 

It took me six years to find the right medication that prevents daily migraines so I am truly blessed. But I still have those migraines that will pop out of nowhere and let me tell you, they retaliate against any medication that you try to suppress them with.

And no, Tylenol will not help.

People Won't Believe You 

Since you can't see a migraine, people have a harder time believing you that something is wrong.

I've lost friends over the small fact that they didn't believe me when I told them that I was in pain. My advice to all migraine sufferers — take what people say to you with a grain of salt and let it be.

Doctor's Won't Believe You 

When I first began fighting migraines, I was admitted to the hospital and the attending who was on call walked into my room and said, "How do you know you have a headache? You don't look like you have a headache."

If that doesn't shut you down, then kudos to you.

Your Life Before Migraines Is In The Past 

My migraine battle hit me when I was in high school and despite family and doctor's orders, I pushed through living a "normal life."

The hard truth to accept in this case? The doctors are right and you are wrong. Regardless of your love for any game, it's not worth your health. I learned that the hard way.

It's OK To Need Accommodations 

I was beyond hardheaded when it came to this while I was in high school and during my first year at college. I was determined that I didn't need any extra help in the school setting.

But because of migraines, your cognitive behavior can be altered and guess what? That's OK! Get help because you deserve it and it's there for a reason!

Getting extra help in the academic environment is nothing to be ashamed of and it has nothing to do with how smart you are or how driven you are.

It's OK To Use Those Accommodations 

I used to beat myself up and force myself to go to class when I had a splitting migraine. I would get sick in classes and it always ended up doing more harm than good.

But once I swallowed my pride and put my health first by using my accommodations, my health and grades improved drastically.

You Just Have To Say No 

There will come a time that your friends, or even family, will invite you to something that you know is going to worsen your migraine. This can range from going to an amusement park to going to see a 3D movie.

For your peace of mind, you just have to say no. Your head, including your brain, will thank you later.

Things Are Going To Be Different 

This ties in with everything that I've listed above but it's important to just simply say it.

Things will be different.

Ignoring Your Warning Signs Is Simply Stupid 

I used to push through whatever I was doing when I knew a migraine was coming on and now when I look back on those times, I realize how stupid that was of me.

Your body gives you warning signs for a reason, so listen to them.

If your vision is going blurry because you've been watching Netflix for 4 hours then guess what, it's time to shut the TV off.

If you're getting hat stabbing pain right behind your eye and realize that it's 2 o'clock and you haven't eaten anything then guess what, it's time to go eat something.

Don't make your battle with migraines harder by being stupid.

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