Trump's 'Space Force' Already Exists

The rise of new technology always leaves room for future advancements. The space frontier is no different. In the Cold War, satellites were a tactical advantage for the US, because for a time only two powers had them in orbit. Images could be taken and intelligence gathered from where it passes over on the globe.

This spurred the creation of anti-satellite weapons to prevent the collection of unwanted information. Now satellites are being weaponized to deter counter attacks and inflict damage in targeted areas. This is the “space force” Trump is pretending he came up with is already a branch of the air force that deals with technology in space.

While we do not have vehicles like the Millennium Falcon, we do have man driven and remotely operated satellites. Of which, can be equipped with tungsten rods that accurately drop onto a target from space. The official term is kinetic bombardment, and just one of these rods can travel at 36,000 feet per second. What makes these rods so appealing is that they do not deteriorate when reentering the atmosphere. The air force and army call them, "Rods from God."

In addition the technology from these rods could be mounted on ballistic missiles to keep them from burning up on reentry and cause not just an explosion from impact but also from the contents of the missile. The US Air Force mans these and collectively have their own space fleet. Making them a space force. This is just one example of how satellites are being weaponized, and more technology is being created every day to further the development in this field.

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