"Are you sure you want to be a teacher?"

This is a popular question asked, not just to me, but I am sure most of the students working towards the Education Major.

I have had observation teachers joke around with me about if I really wanted to be a teacher. If I didn't want to be a teacher, why would I be putting all this time and effort into a school, which is considered out of state for me, and pushing myself to understand how to prepare myself for a career that is not as easy as some people may come to believe.

This profession is not rainbows and unicorns, but actually requires a lot of time and patience.

Between making lesson plans, working with students that of all levels of learning, grading test and quizzes, and exploring new ways to educate students in a fun and safe environment.

But to me, teaching is so much more than the lesson plans and the summer vacations that everyone says is one of the main reasons students go into the education field. Teaching is one of the many jobs where you will experience all sorts of emotions in a total of 7 hours, give or take of course. Teaching is having an awful time at home; whether it be social relationships, family troubles, or marital problems, but once you step into that classroom with eager kids to learn, your smile comes to life and you forget about every bad thing to happen that day.

Those students are what you strive for.

They keep you going and wanting to advance more in your own education because you feel that they deserve the best education possible. Some of them you will grow a bond with that will stay with you when they enter college, it will be the many emails containing statements like "your class helped me so much today." And plenty of hugs and screaming of your name when they see you in the hallway.

These students become family, where you will support and encourage them to do better things in their life.

And whether you believe it or not, you will change someone's life. Whether be minor or major, you will do one of the most incredible things a human can do. Teachers are the building blocks of the future. With every kid that gets an amazing education and get to embrace their ability to do greatness, the accomplishments they make will be astonishing.

Deciding to be a teacher takes a lot of thought and patience to decide, but when you know, you know it is something you want to be involved in for the rest of your life, or at least until you retire.

So please, all I ask is that you stop asking me if I really want to be a teacher. Yes, I want to be a teacher. Yes, even with all the crazy days in the classroom where you feel like pulling your hair out.