The True Meaning Of Basketball

The True Meaning Of Basketball

The lifestyle of a basketball player is a choice, but when made correctly, it can change the person forever.

Basketball is a ten-letter word that holds more meaning than it intends to. Basketball is not only a word, it is an activity, it is a sport, but more than all of these, it is a lifestyle.Basketball is more than a game, it's a way to live. Breaking down the word basketball into each one of its letters to understand the meaning will give it more life than any sentence I would ever be able to write.

Starting with “B," I would say that it all starts with blood. To truly understand what a basketball lifestyle is means that it is in your blood, sweat and tears.

Moving onto “A," ahead seems to fit in here. Ahead would fit in well here because when playing basketball and making it a lifestyle, you have to look ahead to what you can do. You look ahead when seeing where this sport can take you.

Next comes the “S," or your soul. What you put into your passion and the drive to want to do better is what it really comes down to. Your goal in life is to perfect your soul. So, if it is basketball that makes you whole, make that your lifestyle of choice.

It is what you “Know," right? The more you know, the better off you are. What you know you have learned, which is why the skills can only get stronger.

The meaning of the letter “E” is to be enlightened. To be enlightened is to be enthused or surprised, or even excited when you learn something new. It is like the lifestyle just keeps changing and getting better; more than likely harder, but better, than it was.

We are one big family... wait, actually let “T” stand for team. Your team will become the best family that you would ever imagine. This team has chosen the same choice as you to make basketball a priority in their crazy lives too.

The letter “B” stands for believe. This came as the second “B” because in order to believe, you first must know that you want this.

Let it help you achieve your goals, or better known as “A." To achieve means that you had taken the advice given to you to move forward in your commitment of this lifestyle.

Going forward, “L” is to learn. To learn more is to really understand the sport and all it had to offer. As you learn new things it's easy to really want to make your lifestyle a successful one.

The last letter, “L," stands for what this whole thing is about: a lifestyle. Whether you make it your own or do not, it is up to you to take on this crazy life.

Basketball is all this and more when it comes to being a lifestyle. It a love/ hate relationship, but it is totally worth it, with the experience, connections, and family that you make. So enjoy the lifestyle if you are living it, do not regret giving it up; it is not for everyone, and if you are still deciding embrace the choice and make sure you think about the commitment that you will make to change your way of life.

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Thank you for choosing your addiction over me.

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What I Wish I Knew About Life After High School Before I Had To Live It

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