There is a universal love among all human beings about a good slice of pizza. I, for one, have never met another person who doesn’t at least have a fondness for the cheesy, saucy, doughy, wonderful substance that is pizza. While everybody enjoys a good piece of pizza every now and again, here are 13 things that only true pizza addicts understand.

1. Pizza Is Good For Dinner

2. Or Lunch…

Remember pizza day in elementary school?

3. It Even Makes A Great Breakfast!

Pizza + Bacon = Life

4. Eating Pizza For Every Meal Makes Meal Planning Ridiculously Easy

Because why wouldn't you want to eat pizza every day all the time?

5. It’s A Default When You Can’t Agree On What Or Where To Eat

Imagine it's date night and you and your partner can’t agree on a location. Default to pizza! How could anyone say no to pizza? If your partner says no to pizza, you should probably break up with them. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

6. Pizza Exists Everywhere

Maybe it's not in Antarctica, but Pizza Hut, the United State’s most popular pizza chain, has more than 6,000 locations in the U.S. and more than 5,000 other locations in 94 other countries. That’s not to mention the smaller chains and local pizza joints that are scattered in towns all across the world. That’s a lot of pizza.

7. Pizza Can Be New And Exciting

There are some interesting pizza toppings out there. Egg and Asparagus pizza?! No thanks. However, no matter your pizza preference, there is a pizza out there for you.

8. Tried And True

How can you go wrong with a classic cheese, cheese and more cheese?

9. Pizza Will Never Break Your Heart, Betray You Or Let You Down

You might let yourself down when you consume an entire pizza on your own, but pizza didn’t do that. You did that.

10. There Is No Such Thing As “Bad Pizza”

This might be the one exception of "bad" pizza.

Though there are strange pizzas, there are no bad pizzas. Even when pizza is bad, it’s good.

11. It Is Apparently Possible To Lose Weight While Eating Pizza

A brave man underwent an experiment to see if he could lose weight while eating pizza, and he lost almost 100 pounds on his diet. This is science, people!

12. But Pizza Also Doesn’t Care If You Cheat On Your Diet

While it is possible to diet and eat pizza, pizza doesn’t care if it’s part of your diet, or if you’re using pizza to cheat on your diet. Pizza loves you anyway.

13. Pizza Will Always Be There For You

From a bad breakup to an indecisive dinner night, pizza will always be there. Through the good and the bad, pizza is always there. Pizza loves you no matter what.