5 Podcasts and YouTubers EVERY True Crime Lover Should Know
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5 Podcasts and YouTubers EVERY True Crime Lover Should Absolutely Know

Here are five true crime based podcasts and YouTubers to occupy your time during the rest of social distancing!

5 Podcasts and YouTubers EVERY True Crime Lover Should Absolutely Know

True crime has become a phenomenon in the past few years. It has skyrocketed from the late-night Dateline episodes your parents watched growing up to multimedia entertainment spanning from YouTube videos to podcasts on Spotify.

I have been a huge fan of true crime for a few years and have accumulated my favorite podcasts and YouTube channels. As social isolation continues and the need for some escapes from the overwhelming climate our country and world is in, here are five true crime informers to occupy your time and help your paranoia increase by tenfold.

1. "Crime Junkie" - Podcast 

"Crime Junkie is" a podcast consisting of two childhood friends, Ashley and Brit, who tell cases of murder, kidnappings, and other horrendous crimes. They make sure to keep the podcast episodes interesting and not mundane or repetitive.

Not only that, but their delivery of the cases is so incredibly respectful to the victims and their families - you can tell they truly do care about them.

Every month they have a fun and lighthearted segment called 'Pruppet' of the Month' where they showcase a viewer's dog where they tell a story about the sweet puppy dog! It's a perfect small snippet of lightheartedness after an intense case.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

2. Eleanor Neale - YouTuber 

Eleanor Neale is a British YouTuber who posts videos retelling and informing her audience of true crime cases. Most of her cases tend to take place in Great Britain, but also cover other countries' cases as well.

Her empathy truly shines throughout all of her videos and she always has the utmost respect for those in the cases as well. Neale covers cases from disappearances to raise awareness for the missing people to murders to bring attention to those who deserve to have their story shared.

Something that makes Eleanor Neale standout from other true crime informers is her theories and outlooks she gives throughout her videos along with very human reactions instead of being monotone.

YouTube Channel

3. Bella Fiori - YouTuber 

Bella Fiori is an Australian YouTuber who posts not only true crime videos but also travel and beauty videos as well.

However, her true-crime videos tend to gain a good amount of her views as they are so well done to the point she has gained a mass amount of followers for that specific type of videos.

Fiori does extensive research to properly inform her audience of the cases she covers, along with being incredibly articulate as well. Being from another country, some of the cases are some that most American audiences would not know about.

Just like the previous true-crime informers mentioned, Fiori also holds incredible respect in her videos when discussing the victim(s) and the events.

YouTube Channel

4. Casefile True Crime - Podcast 

Casefile True Crime, also known as Casefile, is a podcast based in Australia presented by an anonymous host backed by a large team. The multitude of faces that go behind the research, composition, producing, etc. show the dedication that goes into each podcast episode.

Also being from a foreign country, most of their episodes cover Australian solved and cold cases, however U.S. and UK. cases are also covered.

This podcast has won numerous awards since its start in 2016. Additionally, the format of the podcast differs from most other true crime podcasts as it is in a narrative, scripted format rather than a discussion.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Castbox | Stitcher

5. Kendall Rae - YouTuber 

Kendall Rae is one of the original true crime YouTubers having started covering cases constantly in 2017. Her coverage on all different types of cases from hazings to heinous murders is always conducted with the utmost respect.

Not only that, but she has made 'vlogumentary' to gain more coverage of the Christian Andreacchio case to gain enough signatures for the case to be reopened and examined.

Her series titled 'Where Is' has merchandise with it where 100% of the proceeds go to Thorn, an organization that works towards ending child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

YouTube Channel

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