15 True Confessions Of An Absolute Sleepaholic
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15 True Confessions Of An Absolute Sleepaholic

When your bed is your best friend.

15 True Confessions Of An Absolute Sleepaholic

If there's one thing people know about me, it's that I am a complete sleepaholic.

Here's the scoop, from one avid napper to the rest of the word: Us sleepaholics don't mean to sometimes ignore our messages or sleep through alarms, it just happens. Sleep is our best friend, the answer to our problems. The only way to purely relax and be unbothered. Below are some things that all of us avid nappers, and our friends who are affected by our sleepiness, can relate to.

We're sorry, kind of...

1. We wake up and immediately plan our first nap.

So, only three hours until I can come back and sleep. And if I'm lucky, I can squeeze in some time after class too, especially if I eat super fast.

2. We catch ourselves texting "Sorry, I was asleep," at least five times a day.

We immediately wake up and respond to all our friends who are awaiting our response. Oops.

3. While most people struggle with pulling "all-nighters," we struggle with pulling "all-dayers."

Going a full day without downtime is a real struggle. How do people go all day without sleeping, just once!?

4. Our bed is the hardest goodbye.

Until next time, my love...

5. Instead of setting one alarm, like a normal person, we set at least five.

Setting just one is not enough reassurance that we will actually be awake.

6. We can fall asleep anywhere, and everywhere. Literally.

Whether it be the couch, chair, car or floor, check, check, check and check.

7. Insomnia is an unspoken term for us.

We never have to experience the feeling of laying in bed restlessly. We almost always fall asleep instantly.

8. We never wear makeup because taking it on/off for naps is too much. And sleeping in make-up... forget about it.

Who wants to waste all those make-up wipes and the time it takes to clean our faces?

9. 20 minutes is NOT a nap.

Nap experts all know that a 'power nap' is just not enough. What even is a power nap? That's just cheating the system. I need an hour, max.

10. When we say "sorry, I'm busy," chances are, we aren't actually busy.

Being busy, in our minds, is just an excuse for our preplanned sleep time. Sorry, friend, I really can't get food with you. I'm... busy. *Zzzz*

11. Our friends and family know to not expect anything from us any time before noon.

Don't even bother. Unless we have something mandatory to attend, we will be in bed. Not necessarily asleep, but postponing the start of the day.

12. We rarely make the time for a real breakfast.

Most important meal of the day? What's that? I'd rather sleep the extra 30 minutes, and take a granola bar to go.

13. It's never too early, or too late, for a nap.

A 10:00 a.m. nap? A 6:00 p.m. nap? Sometimes you gotta give the body what it wants.

14. We can sleep through anything... sirens, fire alarms, storms, etc...

Don't even worry about waking us. When we are curled up in our bed's coziness, no outside noise seems to interrupt.

15. Regardless of our mood, a nap always sounds like a good idea.

You can never go wrong with sleeping, and that's just the end of that.
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