Trivium Albums Ranked

Trivium Albums Ranked

Trivium is one of the biggest and best modern metal bands and now I will rank their albums from worst to best

Trivium is my favorite modern metal band. There blend of both melody and heaviness makes them a very appealing group when compared to other one dimensional bands in the genre. Also the risks that Trivium has taken by changing their sound every record is very commendable. Here we go Trivium fans. It's time to analyze every Trivium album and rank them from worst to best.

8. 'Silence in the Snow' (2015)

Silence in the Snow is actually a decent album. It got a lot of backlash though because the band dispensed with all harsh vocals. Some of the band's technical aspects were lost in the pursuit of mainstream success as well. Still, this album has some fantastic vocal melodies, guitar riffs, and solos. Overall, this is an above average release.

Rating: 6.5/10

7. 'Ember to Inferno' (2003)

The most impressive thing about this album is that Matt Heafy was only 17 years old and the band consisted of only three members. This album does not have a single bad song, but the production value does not allow many of the tracks to shine. Heafy's screams are a bit too harsh and show his immature voice on this record, but the terrific guitar work and unique song writing more than make up for this.

Rating: 6.5/10

6. 'The Crusade' (2006)

Despite the massive success of the band's previous record Ascendancy, which was rooted in metalcore, the band decided to make a huge shift towards a 1980's thrash metal sound. The band has always taken huge risks, which I respect. Despite the general hate that this album gets, I actually believe it is a great thrash metal record that was a big stepping stone for the band to continue their maturity.

Rating: 8/10

5. 'Vengeance Falls' (2013)

Vengeance Falls continued Trivium's trend toward a more straightforward heavy metal sound. This album is definitely more focused on groove and melody. Still, this album retains the dark themes and aggressiveness that make this band so great. This album also pushes hooks to the forefront to make Trivium's music more catchy than ever before.

Rating: 8.5/10

4. 'Ascendancy' (2005)

Ascendancy was an incredible sophomore effort that was able to replicate the aggression of the first album, while increasing both production value and the quality of the song writing. It was hard for me to put this album so low on the list, but here it is. The band had a unique blend of metalcore and thrash metal that made them appealing to different types of heavy metal fans. The contrast between melody and heaviness made Trivium one of the most appealing bands in the metal genre.

Rating: 9/10

3. 'In Waves' (2011)

Trivium decided to combine their thrash riffing, metalcore breakdowns, and soaring melodic choruses. This album was a huge step towards a more melodic approach for Trivium that featured Matt Heafy's best vocal performance up to this point in the band's career. I love this record from start to finish and I can always jam to this one.

Rating: 9.5/10

2. 'Shogun' (2008)

Shogun is the most technically impressive album in the Trivium discography. It has shredding solos, intense drumming, unique guitar riffs, and the most complex song structures that the band has ever used. Heafy's vocals are more aggressive than on any album prior album previous to this one thanks to his guttural death metal growls throughout. This album is a modern metal masterpiece.

Rating: 10/10

1. 'The Sin and the Sentence' (2017)

Trivium's latest album was without a doubt my favorite record of 2017. I was blown away upon my first listen and I have not stopped listening to this album since the day it came out. The album combines everything that the band has done well on previous records and puts it all on this record. Heafy's vocals have never sounded so powerful as both his cleans and his harsh vocals are both memorable and impressive.

Rating: 10/10

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