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Trisha Paytas's Boyfriend Dumped Her Because She's 'Too Fat,' And I can sympathize with how She Feels

Calling someone fat doesn't make you any better, does it?

trisha paytas

I'm an avid fan of YouTube. I follow all different types of people, no matter the content. Last week a video showed up in my feed by Trisha Paytas called "we broke up because I'm too fat." I don't typically watch Trish's videos, but this one I decided to click on, and I'm really glad I did.

In the video, Trisha states that her boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) blatantly called her fat in front of a TV producer and his assistant. He said that she was heavy, well, that they both were, and that is how they are different from other couples. But, at the end of the day the issue is that he called her fat, and had no qualms about doing so.

Seeing and hearing Trish cry about this really bothered me. Her boyfriend did not apologize for calling her fat, and told her that she was overreacting. Trisha has made it known that she struggles with body image, and that she has problems with her weight. (I would like to note that Trisha has been known for making videos of her crying and people calling her crazy, but I feel like this one is different.) Her boyfriend, Jason, is quite a bit older than her, and they have vacationed all over the world together. You would think that he would love and cherish her, but I suppose not.

I am someone that has been big my whole life. People incessantly made fun of me for being fat, and I learned to stop listening to the people who didn't matter, thankfully.

But, I realize I am bigger than everyone else. It doesn't bother me because the people who call me fat are not in my inner circle. I can't imagine letting the opinions of people who don't even have my cell phone number influencing my life.

But, what I can imagine is if my family or boyfriend called me fat. I would be CRUSHED. If my boyfriend called me outright fat and meant it in a mean way, I would feel horrible. (Although he never would, because he doesn't care about things like that.) I don't know what I would do if someone in my immediate family called me fat in a way intended to hurt my feelings. My family has always been nothing but positive and nice to me, so I would be utterly floored if they were mean to me. Trisha thought Jason didn't care about that stuff, but I suppose he did.

Trish confided in her boyfriend and he knew that she had issues with her weight. She asked him to not say things about her weight, what she ate, etc. I understand a concerned boyfriend saying "Hey, can I help you get healthier? Can we change a few things?" but calling his girlfriend fat with malice behind it? Unacceptable.

I get how Trish feels hearing someone she loves call her fat. I understand the pain that she is going through in a way. Before I learned to stop listening to the bullies, it would crush me when someone called me fat. I know how it feels to be made fun of-- with people trying to tear you down.

If we're being honest, Trisha isn't even that big. She looks great, and typically exudes confidence. As I scrolled to the comment section of the video, I had mixed emotions. Many people were supporting Trish and telling her that she needs to just forget him and move on, but others were being mean to her and saying that Jason was right. This is something that I don't understand. How in the world can you comment on someone's video being mean to them? What good does it do you by commenting on a video and bullying someone? How do you get satisfaction from that?

Jason telling Trisha that is something I will never understand. Like I mentioned before, I understand wanting to help your significant other change for the better, but just calling them fat when you know they're insecure is one of the lowest things you can do. I just hope from this point forward Trisha can move on and get help for herself. Help to do what she feels she needs to do to feel better, and help to finally be happy again.

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