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After a fast-paced six years, Travis Scott has finally released his project ASTROWORLD. The 26-year-old phenomenon has always touted his home; Houston, Texas. Inspired by the amusement park of the same name, Astroworld is an embodiment of where Travis' dark and spacy production can take us. With tracks like STARGAZING and SICKO MODE, Travis proves that he can't release a bad piece of work. The hype for this album has been built up for two years, and that dire need for the album might elevate Travis Scott to even higher feats

ASTROWORLD is a place for anyone to visit, and Travis emphasized that statement with the star-studded features on the album. From Drake to Stevie Wonder, to even Frank Ocean. his ability to combine unlikely artist within the hardcore rap based tracks proves that Travis is a once in a generation artist. Tracks like CAN'T SAY, NO BYSTANDERS, and NC-17 continue with the notion that a materialistic shopping spree and drug-filled parties never stop and that only the ragers can thrive in the world Scott has created.

La Flame

Some themes that carried over from previous projects of Scott's litter through the album. The Weeknd once again is featured in multiple tracks in SKELETON and WAKE UP. Travis also keeps the tradition of getting a shoutout on all his albums, this time from Dallas rapper Big Tuck on the song CAROUSEL. On a more emotional note, Scott continues to give listeners a peek into his personal life on the song COFFEE BEAN, chronicling his life with mega-model Kylie Jenner implying that they(the media and her family) thinks they shouldn't be together.

The Kardashian-Jenner family is known for dating high profile black stars, but the hearing Travis is the one man they don't want within their family is a testament to the kind of life Travis has made for himself. The overall project isn't bad in any way. In fact, It's arguably his best project to date. But the only flaw with the album personally is that the unfair comparison to his third album, Rodeo. Rodeo was the project that showed the world that Travis and his psychedelic-undead production is a force to be reckoned with. But the difference with this project and Rodeo is the sense of urgency within Rodeo.


ASTROWORLD isn't an album that had something to prove, it's Travis' attempt to create a place where you can go and rage on. The album's greatest factor is that every song flows into the next; one endless rollercoaster of tracks. That trait alone helps bring home the portrayal of an amusement park and the different rides with different paces. And like all amusement parks, there are some rides that you might be scared to ride. The thing with ASTROWORLD is that all the rides are scary and it's okay to be afraid of them. The fact that you're willing to visit this place is good enough!

Michael Jackson had created a place on earth in Neverland to embodied his fantasies. Travis Scott has his fantasies already lived out within his music and concerts. But Astroworld is the place where Travis can go to refuel the rage and party-filled lifestyle he bestowed on himself. The original Astroworld might've been in Houston, but the Astroworld Scott dreams will always be in his heart and in the trippy tracklist that lives up to the title. So you can either keep your arms and feet inside the ride at all times, or you can wait outside the park and Watch.

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