Trendsetters are out there everywhere! However, there are many trends I see and think to myself how did this happen. Here's a look into nine trends I never understood...

1. Crazy brows

Whether it was a feather, braided, wavy, or squiggly brows I was a little concerned when I saw more than just an overdrawn brow.

2. Dad shoes

I was very grateful these had been left behind many years ago, until now. Your dad shoes are cute... For you dad... When he's cutting the grass.

3. Oversized outerwear 

Kendall Jenner's GINORMOUS winter coat went viral. Also hitting runways everywhere. I know she doesn't need a coat like that! I live in Ohio for God's sake and my coat isn't that big

4. Lip art

People who legitimately make artwork on their lips have time. I can barely get lipstick on my lips using one color and they make a whole scene.

5. Clear boots/jeans

All I need to mention is the sweat produced when people wear these items.

6. Tank top shirt

Lots of people like the throwback look of a white t-shirt under a spaghetti strap tank top, but it is not one of my favs.

7. Glitter explosion

I love glitter, don't get me wrong. Some people just take it over the top.

8. Designer crocs

Crocs were made by Crocs for Crocs. They are all different colors and should just stay that way. Balenciaga collaborating with Croc was just not right.

9. Excessive acrylics 

I'm very sorry, but once your nails are so long they look fake it's too much. How can people even function like that??? Instagram is filled with nail designs like the Stormi nail or loaded with rhinestones #toomuch

Here are just a few trends I could never get hooked on. As we start a new year we can see what trends fade off or which ones last.