Character is one of the most important things people have. Probably one of the very first things your parents try to instill in you as a child. Character is something that mostly evolves for each personality but I also think some of it can be bought because we learn from what we see so if we are taught the right things then most likely we will have a good character but if we are taught to cheat lie and steal then that will carry over into our character. Everyone can put on a show in front of the right people and hide the person they really are. There are people that are completely honest the whole time and don't hide part of themselves.

The most important thing is to always remember someone is always watching you and your character is extremely important whether someone is physically watching you or god is your only witness your never alone and it's important, to be honest, all the time. Nobody is perfect we all have our flaws but there is a difference in nobody is perfect and someone that is lying to hide behind a facade. Your character is something that people will always remember about you what your actions are how you treat people how you carry yourself.

Character is not something that you can change. You can change your hair, body and clothing but character always stays the same its the one thing that people will remember about you. Looks will fade but the person you are never will. My parents a drilled into me to saying "treat others how you wanted to be treated" probably one of the most common saying ever. I have always taken that to mean my character what I say how I act how I present my self. For me there are always people around and if you have a good character then that can carry you far in your life I personally believe.

For me its not only been about everyone deserves to be treated properly but also the amount of opportunities that could come your way just by your character I truly think is vast. I have come to find that people are more willing to help you further your career if you are respectable to people and have a good character over someone else who is disrespectful. I find it interesting how people can act one way for a certain group of people and then completely different for others for me I just don't know who to trust. people that can pull off acting to different ways are defiantly good at acting but at the same time they are really good at lying. Character cannot be seen but the actions of your character can be seen and felt.

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