5 Ways To Treat Your Loner Self To Cuffing Season
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5 Ways To Treat Your Loner Self To Cuffing Season

Oh no, I have no one to give the cold shoulder to.

5 Ways To Treat Your Loner Self To Cuffing Season

It is that time of the year where it does not feel like anything has begun. You have no reason to be gloomier than coal with no fireplace. But you would not mind the pleasure of being poked by a poker every now and then. Welcome to this strange limbo called, cuffing season. Where content singles think they could feel more content in the arms of another single person. Knowing yourself better than anyone else, you know that you are a loner. To avoid the season's cozy desperation, treat yourself in these X independent ways.

1. Table for one.


A table for one is not a common phrase, but you are not worried. While everyone else waits longer for a reservation, you get to have your meal sooner (sometimes). The meal does not have to be shared and there are no picky eaters to complain about either. You get to enjoy your meal and alone time uninterrupted except for when the waiter checks in. It makes you wonder why restaurants cannot be staffed by yourself. Oh wait, that would just be takeout at that point; still a good option.

2. Movie maverick.


Going to the movies alone is better than watching with friends and family. You do not have to endure the whispers and theories shared while the film is still rolling. The theater is quiet for up to a blissful two hours. Popcorn, candy, a comfortable seat, and an engrossing flick are all you need to put your mind at ease. Or a Netflix subscription could do the trick.

3. Technology is your best friend.


When you have something to say but would rather not voice your opinion over the phone or in public, social media is your lifeline. All the clever things you would have said were you brave enough in the moment can now be said after the fact in a more measured way. With a gif there and an emoji here, you are set for social discourse at a comfortable pace. Tasks are a breeze with all the apps at your disposal too. No one can see how awkward you may be now.

4. Destination you.


Traveling alone is a luxury when all you have for carry-on is yourself. There are no stragglers to worry about. There is no one you are expected to meet by any deadline. Baggage is kept to a minimum and the emotional baggage can be left behind as well. The trip is yours to trek however and wherever you like. If you have two feet, you will travel.

5. Do it yourself.


One of the best qualities of loners is that they are self-starters. Where they see potential, they do not wait for others to take action for their ideas. They put their thoughts into motion until they reach satisfaction. The loner is not opposed to receiving help, but he or she keeps the number of friends to less than a handful. Getting things started and getting things done are at the core of the loner mentality. A loner is not afraid to be themselves or pursue their interests, with or without company.

The world is your oyster, and sometimes for the loner, it can be a bad oyster.

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