In the recent years there has been countless reports, both in the film and theatre communities, of the treatment of actors by the general public. Popular British YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher has reported in multiple videos on her channel on how she has been experiencing anxiety over leaving through the stage door on account of acts of violation of safety. Some of these acts include grabbing and pushing her for photos, taking her phone, and yelling obscenities and insults for not staying long enough to see everyone or not coming to stage door at all.

At home, in America, actors are constantly in the spotlight. With organizations like TMZ, actors and other celebrities are unable to get away from the paparazzi. A few years ago, Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testified in California court to protect the children of celebrities from paparazzi.

There is the belief by many that actors or other celebrities are purely entertainers. They are given a script and perform it then go back home and do nothing. They exist purely for the public consumption.

Actors are human beings and their job means just as much as yours. They are not emotionless toys the public can manipulate. Think of it as if a member of the public intruded into a classroom and insisted the teacher give them attention. The teacher is exhausted and trying to work or leaving their place of business after a long day. The member of the public becomes angry and berates them, shouting abuses and demanding they give them their time.

Actors are exhausted at the end of their work day. Some of them have worked for 12 hours in rehearsals and for other auditions or projects and they need to refuel themselves or rest. Others have to leave one job to travel to another or to a family obligation or emergency. Some actors cannot leave the stage door because they have another show or interview immediately preceding their performance or taping.

Treat actors the way you would like to be treated. Give them the same respect you would give your parents, police officers, teachers, or any person. Understand that they are not toys for you to manipulate or to abuse with your words. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.