I'm a simple girl, but I recently had the luxury of traveling via Etihad airlines business class from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi and let me tell you-you barely feel the 16 hours of travel!

The first and most glorious thing of traveling via business was that Check-In was a breeze with no long lines, so was the security check as my boarding pass granted me access to the priority lane. After finishing up with security, I skipped my usual route to the Duty-Free and instead headed towards the Etihad Lounge.

As I entered the lounge, I was offered some refreshing cucumber water by some of the friendliest staff who greeted me. Since I had just rushed to the airport without eating much that day, I decided to take a quick shower after which I grabbed a quick bite from the buffet there. That's right! It sounds insanely lush and it was, the interior is all wood with golden highlights. The couches comfortable and aplenty. To top it all off there is an incredibly well stocked and nicely designed bar with mixologists available to create your drink, all on the house of course!

I spent an hour or so there as I ate before I made way to gate where the flight had begun boarding. I was guided to the front of the aircraft where a flight attendant insisted on placing my bags for me as I settled down. Soon after another flight attendant, came by with welcome drinks, I chose champagne to go with the dark chocolate cupcake I brought from the airport.

I was struck by the legroom I had! Is this how the other half lives? I will admit this was all new for me. Just before we were about to take off, the air attendant who worked my section, Jes, came by to ask me when I would like my meal, what I would like and whether or not I wanted breakfast before dinner… Now, this is a wild concept! I've traveled quite a bit and never have I been able to decide when I want to eat or what order I wanted my meals!

After letting her know when I wanted my dinner and getting a refill on my champagne, I started exploring the entertainment available on the large screen in my seat and my seat itself. After 5 hours of take-off, my food arrived as I requested and BOY, has plane food never tasted so good and looked so aesthetically pleasing! After finishing my dinner, I continued devoting my attention to the TV screen for an hour before I decided to sleep, in my fully reclining seat! My fear of experiencing deep vein thrombosis was moot!

Safe to say, I slept like a baby and woke up with 2 hours till landing. With a light breakfast of yogurt, granola, a muffin and tea, I was all set to come to an end to what had been the most pampering flight I have ever had. Here's to saving up miles or having the luck to be upgraded again! It truly was an experience to have!

The buffet in the lounge for those who don't want to order alà carteMeghna Komaranchath

This bar shelf was well stocked and aesthetically pleasing Meghna Komaranchath

The first glass of champagne to help wash down the dark chocolate cupcake!

Meghna Komaranchath

Look at that leg room! And the size of that screen!

Meghna Komaranchath

There were even massage settings for the seat! Talk about a relaxing flight!

Meghna Komaranchath

I was sleeping under stars despite sleeping in a plane.

Meghna Komaranchath

This is me signing off in one of the nicest and warm blankets I've had.

Meghna Komaranchath