It's hard to deal with school and work all at once when you're young. You're trying to make a living and to get through your education. Everyone's focus is to be successful and to be the best at what they're doing or studying for. Nobody really takes the time to make themselves happy however, which is really important when you're young and almost out of college. You need to get out and experience life outside of work and school, it's a great time to discover what's around you and maybe to even find new things you didn't think you'd originally like. So my advice to everyone, is while you're young, please, please travel. Even if it's a couple miles out of town, it's somewhere different.

Not having much experiences traveling outside of my normal realm, I found it hard to push aside work and school to just take a couple days off and experience new places or towns. I wanted to focus on making money and getting through homework before I put them aside and just did something for myself for once, something to clear my mind. It wasn't until recently that I took a trip a couple states away for a concert that I've had planned for a while. The drive there wasn't much of an experience but once I finally reached my destination, everything changed. The city was new, the people were different, and the roads were complicated. But I ended up loving every moment of it.

I ran around to different stores and art displays. I of course took part in some touristy things just to get a feel for the city but it was all worth it. I loved being somewhere new and different. The way people did things that was oddly satisfying to be a part of because it wasn't what I was used to on a daily basis. The small shops and the daily markets made me love being somewhere new. I think this was an important trip for me not just because it was a time away from work and school, but it made me discover new things and different people. I have told myself that from now on, ever since that trip, I need to take time out of my schedule to put aside a trip to a random town, city, or state and just find new things to do.

I'd highly recommend to all of you young souls out there that you do the same. Let go of all of the stress you're holding on to and just get away for a couple of days. Discover new places, stores, find an interest you never thought you'd find. Meet new people and of course, take lots of pictures.