If You're Traveling, You Need These Travel Fitness Tips
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If You're Traveling, You Need These Travel Fitness Tips

Whether you're on a business trip or relaxing on a vacation, don't put your fitness aside.

If You're Traveling, You Need These Travel Fitness Tips
The Younick

Traveling can make you super busy while you're away from home. This doesn't mean that you should skip the daily workouts you've been keeping up with! There is no excuse to be missing that sweat session even if you're miles away from the gym.

While machines are very helpful, they're not completely necessary to work out with. You can get your sweat on by taking 10 minutes out of your day and doing a circuit. This circuit can include doing 10 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, and 10 push ups, three times in a row with only one minute breaks. You can feel free to edit the number of work outs you do and which type of work out as long as you WORK OUT. Remember, any work out (even the 30 minute ones) is still better than no work out.

My favorite day at the gym is leg day. I like to use weights to build up muscle on my legs. If you're away from the gym, you can use everyday things as weights. For example, books can get pretty heavy. Put enough books in a book bag and start squatting with them. You can also carry the books and start lunging. These work outs are also doable without weights. You can get up from whatever you're doing and bust 50 squats. Your butt will thank you.

If, for some reason, you can't find time at all to work out, you can still keep up with your fitness. It has been said that a large percentage of your physical fitness depends on what you eat. Just because you're away from home, doesn't mean you can slack on your diet. A diet does NOT need to be eating pure salads and no carbs. A diet can mean small portions and appropriate meals, such as no butter, no bread, and no sweets and plenty of vegetables with proteins. A cheat snack is okay but it cannot be turned into a cheat meal/day. Making sure you don't cave is a huge factor in maintaining your figure.

Making sure you stay hydrated is super important, as well. You need to drink enough water throughout the day to make sure you are urinating all the toxins in your body. This keeps you healthy and can also help you lose weight. If you're not hydrating properly, this can cause you to be tired and being tired means you can make unhealthy choices. Has your stomach ever started grumbling at a bad hour? This can also be because you're not hydrating properly. Instead of snacking on the closest thing because you think you're hungry, drink a bottle of water instead. If the hunger persists and you must eat, indulge in a healthy option and ditch the quick sugary/salty snacks.

Whether you're going away on a business trip or relaxing on vacation, don't ditch your usual work outs. They will give you more energy to get your day going and they keep you healthy and fit! Safe travels!

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