I Waited 5 Years To Go To Nepal And It Was Worth The Wait

During the first two weeks of July, I took a trip to a place I have dreamt about for a while, Nepal. I have wanted to visit this vibrant country ever since the earthquake hit it. I wanted to see and witness first-hand life after a natural disaster in a country as rich in history and culture as this.

Everyone, there is very warm and inviting. They always want to help to make sure the trip goes as comfortable as possible. Everywhere you look all you see is mountains and valleys. It creates this picture perfect image of paradise in your head.

The culture is a mix of the surrounding countries, China and India. The architecture has Chinese influences, while the food and language have Indian influences. The Buddhist monasteries were as equally as beautiful and peaceful as one might imagine.

There is something for everyone to do. If hiking or trekking is not your scene, that's totally okay! There is paragliding, boating, and just plain sightseeing. My favorite activity from the entire trip was paragliding. We glided over the lake and up into the clouds.

If you are scared of heights, don't worry. There are plenty of trained professionals who can fly attached to you, especially if it's your first time. The experience is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If shopping is your thing than brush up on the bargaining skills. Half the experience is bargaining and getting the right price, otherwise, they will charge you double the price. Darbar Square is the most popular place to get those perfect gifts for people back home.

Finally the food, which is always the best part. Momos are the way to go whenever you visit Nepal. This steamed or fried snack is popular in the country and they do not disappoint. Each rooftop restaurant serves its own version, but they never disappoint! From the food to the shopping to the small alleyways full of trinkets, Nepal truly won my heart.

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