Travel Is The Only Thing You Pay For That Makes You Richer

Learning about oneself and growing into a self- shaped mold can be a seamless transition from a timid caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, but that can only happen with exploration outside of your comfort zone, away from the norm. Traveling in the traditional sense can mean flying to a relaxing and breathtaking coastline far away, or hiking through intense forests, or even going for community service and volunteering excursions. Near or far, a voyage to any distance can result in an important journey with learning, exploring and appreciating more than you can expect.

Travel can be a way to navigate your complex - active mind and being left with nothing but wonderful scenery can unravel these marvels of your mind as you discover clarity. The overused phrase, "The journey is the destination", is in fact very true as that one trip can become your most inspiring, profound and meaningful journeys of all time. The wonders of the world, both new and old, are not only for posing near and posting about, but also for enjoyment and appreciation of all the creations and discoveries that are all distinct from one another, and beautiful in uniqueness. It then becomes an art to appreciate the construction of the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Guggenheim Museum branch by Frank Gehry in Spain, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and even the Empire State Building in New York, even sculptures that are less popular in your own hometown. Not only the buildings but also in nature: the impressive stretches of land and wildlife in the Maasai Mara of Kenya, the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Everest, the Earth's highest mountain above sea level in the Himalayas. Traveling alone, with a friend, partner, sibling or even someone you just met can be a life-changing experience, if you let it be in pushing yourself to find the beauty that actually is anywhere, everywhere.

But traveling can even stretch to mean much more than that, as it does not always entail a physical move, and can also occur with a new mindset, an open and accepting one. It is often said that the exploration of the mind and self is more valuable than the exploration of new places, and it is the growth into the best possible version of yourself that is evidence you have to prove for yourself.

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