My Translation Of "This I Promise You"

When the visions around you bring tears to your eyes

When the memories of us make you cry or upset you.

And all that surrounds you are secret and lies

When you feel you can't trust anything and you're giving up hope.

I'll be your strength, I'll give you hope, keeping your faith when its gone

I refuse to let your lose your faith, when you can't rely on anything, you can rely on me. When you're feeling hopeless, I'll give you the hope you need.

the one you should call was standing there all along

I was always there to take care of you, but you didn't notice until now, I've been here the entire time.

And I will take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong, til' the day my life is through. This I promise you.

You noticed me and I've been waiting so long for this moment. Now that I have you, I won't ever let go. I'll treat you how you deserve to be treated, I'll keep you on top of the world, where you belong. I will do this until I die, I promise.

I've loved you forever, in lifetimes before

Since I knew you, I've loved you, I'll love you from this life to the next.

And I promise you never will hurt anymore

As long as you're with me, I'll make sure you aren't hurting.

I give you my word. I give you my heart

If this promise isn't enough, here's my heart as well, I'm so in love with you I'd lose everything for you.

This battle we've won

We're finally here, together, we've won!

And with this vow, forever has now begun.

These promises, I've made you, our forever together has begun.

Over and over I thought when I hear you call

Whenever I heard your voice...

Without you in my life, baby, I wouldn't be living at all

I can't breathe without you, life wouldn't be life without you.

Just close your eyes, each loving day, and no this feeling won't go away til' the day my life is through, this I promise you

Close your eyes and relax, I will take care of you and love you each and every day until I die, and this feeling of love will never go away, I promise you.

Every word I say is true, this I promise you

Please don't doubt me, every word I say is true, this I promise you.

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