Become A VSCO Girl By Following These Simple Steps

Become A VSCO Girl By Following These Simple Steps

"And I oop... sksksksksk"

VSCO girls have become very popular within the past few months. So popular that it's taking over Snapchat. There's literally a Snap story dedicated to VSCO girls. By completing the following, you too can join the crowd of crazy girls. :)

1. Buy ALL the scrunchies.

If you don't have enough scrunchies to cover both of your arms, you need to step up your game. Now, I am going to give away my secret, but you can't tell ANYONE, ya hear? I found the PERFECT scrunchies on Amazon. Not to mention, they're only EEEELLLEVVEEENNNN dollars for a whole 45 velvet scrunchies. These scrunchies are literally the best; they are so well made, cheap, and super soft! You can find them here.

2. don't capitalize the first letter of your sentences. that's not cool dude.

why on earth would we want to capitalize the first letter of our sentences? that makes us look like we actually care. but we don't. so don't do it. but hey, if you actually do care, go right ahead and upper that case, girl.

3. Yeti? Never heard of her. Get a Hydroflask.

I'm sorry, but Yeti's fame is now concluding BECAUSE Hydroflasks are taking over. These little water bottles and super cute and great for adding personalized stickers to. But don't drop it! VSCO girls don't like that. That's tea.

4. Don't forget your Apple Watch! 

Every beautiful scrunchie needs the perfect Apple Watch to accompany it. Scrunchies by themselves on your wrist look kinda weird and drab, so spice it up with an expensive watch! ;) If you really want to go above and beyond with it, change the background of your watch to match your scrunchie and outfit. Picture purrfect if you ask me boo.

5. What is a VSCO girl without her Starbucks?

Be like Emma Chamberlain. Go get yourself an iced coffee with sugar free vanilla and soy milk honey, you deserve it. "Oh but what if I don't like coffee?" Starbucks has some pretty bomb refreshers and green teas. Green tea is very VSCO-y so don'y you worry. Just be sure to get a venti... and use a metal straw... or no straw at all. SaVE thE TURtleS!

6. Birkenstocks, Nike Pros, and and oversized tee - the perfect outfit for any occasion. 

The last step is to perfect the outfit. Every VSCO girl loves some good Birkenstocks and oversized tees. If you have a Vineyard Vines shirt or something along those lines, that is preferred. :) To tie everything together, throw your hair up into a messy bun. Viola!

Once you complete the list above, you'll be a full on VSCO girl. You're welcome.

PSA: This article in no way is saying you must change yourself to fit in with society. You are perfect the way you are. :) This article was purely satirical. I ain't even a VSCO girl, hehe.

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