My first year of Towson has officially come to a close. Moving from Annapolis to Towson and transferring from community college to a university has been quite the transition. With that here are 8 things that I've learned from being a transfer student at Towson University.

1. How expensive it is.

I don't mean tuition; that was to be expected. I mean little things. A $300 admission fee?? $350 parking pass for a year?? What!?

2. How expensive rent is.

It's no surprise that rent is expensive but the ones that are close to campus are just...why? When I was shopping around for one, I met a guy who was looking for a roommate and he told me the rent.

"It would be about $900 a month"


"Nope. Per Person?"

Towson, you're not New York City.

3. APA

Towson is nuts about APA formatting in their papers. I think I stress about the correct formatting than the actual content in the paper.

4. How nuts people get uptown

From climbing up poles, jumping off tables, guys trying to fight guys over girls, girls walking to the bars in heels and mini skirts in 20-degree weather. I'm from Annapolis, the drinking town with a sailing problem, but yall are nuts.

5. How relaxing Freedom Square is

There is something really relaxing about laying down on the fake grass on a nice fall or spring day after class, plugging in your headphones and reading a book. Something I couldn't get at the community college.

6. How quick you can make friends

I think I made more friends here in one year than I did in four years at community college. Everyone was super nice and welcoming.

7. How fun Uptown can be.

While it can be a little too crazy for my taste, there is something fun about going out with your roommates, having some drinks, seeing some people you went to high school with and all and all just having a great time.

8. How you can't wait for next year

Never thought I'd be excited to school start already so I can see everyone.