When people ask what my transferring experience has been like, the best word I can use to describe it is weird.

It has been incredible but there have definitely been ups and downs.

For one, you'll be asked the same questions about a million times as a transfer student, and here are some of those questions and comments.

1. Omg that's so cool, where did you transfer from?

My answer to this question is almost always followed with "wow, that's a very big change!"

2. Why didn't you like [enter previous school]?

If I had a penny for every time I've been asked why I transferred, I could probably pay for my own tuition. At this point I have a line rehearsed that is my "go-to" response to the question. Anyone that spends a lot of time with me and has been with me a fraction of the million times I've been asked this question probably has it memorized as well.

3. Do you like it better here?

It's a fair question. Making the decision to transfer isn't an easy one and it's possible that my experience at the new school could be going even more terribly that my first experience. But luckily for me, my answer is always YES, I am definitely where I am meant to be.

4. Wow, that was bold of you

Yes, it was. It took a lot of time and prayer but it was the best decision for me.

5. Do you miss anything about your old school?

Of course I do. Although I didn't have the best experience freshman year, there are aspects of my old school that I definitely miss. I had some great friends that I miss every day and SEC football is deeply missed.

6. Do you ever regret transferring?

If I get this question on a hard day, I might be tempted to answer slightly, but on any other day I am so glad that I am where I am. There is no doubt that I am now exactly where I need to be and I wouldn't change that.

7. Omg, I know someone that went to your old school, do you know them?

Coming from a school of over 20,000 students, my answer is almost always no but it's a small world, you never know.

8. What was [blank] like at your old school?

For me this "blank" is usually filled in with either my sorority or SEC football or the weather. Especially having gone from a public SEC university fueled by greek life, to a small private Christian school in Illinois that doesn't have greek life, these are all fair questions that I actually enjoy answering.