29 Traits About A Person That Really Matter

What's on the inside is what matters. We've all heard it, but sometimes it's hard to believe when it comes to yourself. There have been a gazillion and three moments when I've fallen into the fucked up cycle of judging myself because of my what I look like or rather what I feel I look like. But, my self-beaten soul always gets spit out to realize that I'm the only one who nitpicks and absorbs myself with, well, myself. No one else cares that much — they are too focused on, you guessed it, themselves.

So, it's time to ignore society's pressures and shake off the false negativity. It's time to end the well-known critical pattern that should've ended years and years and years ago.

It's not too late to realize how beautiful we all are.

Everyone is different, whether you're optimistic or pessimistic or extroverted or introverted, these aspects of who you are mean more than anything else in this world. Your individual self carries more than any outside appearance. It's a hard idea to swallow, but once you start trusting yourself, you become unstoppable.

1. Wishful

One's wishes explain a lot about who the person is, what their hardships are, and what their focus is for life. We should focus on how to help support one's wishes instead of knocking them down.

2. Extraordinary

Everyone has got that little sprinkle of magic that makes them extraordinary. This includes weird talents. Mine is that I can fall asleep anywhere. No, I mean it...anywhere. I once fell asleep in a club because I got bored and was waiting for my friends. Not the safest place, but it happened.

3. Well-rounded

You don't have to be a multi-tasker, be fluent in six languages, have a 4.0 GPA and all this while being the MVP on your division I sports team to be a well-rounded person. As long as you're a kind and understanding in all aspects of life, I consider you well-rounded.

4. Their laugh

Nothing is better than the sounds of a baby laughing, well except for you laughing.

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5. Creative

I used to think that I wasn't creative. I wasn't like the artsy kids in high school. I couldn't draw or sing. It wasn't until I started writing that I realized, "Hey! I am creative and so is everyone else!" Everyone has something unique to share and that voice is creative.

6. Selfless

Never forget to take care of yourself, but someone who has some love to share with others is a good mensch. Focus not on how I look but on the fact that I will play matchmaker for all my friends.

7. Joker

I love jokes and being playful. You don't have to be a clown to appreciate jokes. People who can joke around and have fun, those are the people to keep around.

8. Compliments

Who doesn't love a good compliment? People who step out of their own head to compliment others are the type of people I want to surround myself with.

9. Their empathy

Not everyone will understand and that's okay. But, those who stay and support, are the ones we can lean on.

10.  Hardworking

No matter what, they keep striving.

11.  Respect

In my book, everyone deserves respect, including yourself.

12.  Dances

When it doubt, dance it out. Or as Taylor Swift would say, "Shake it off."

13.  Sincere

Just be real. If you can be honest in almost every situation, you're someone I can trust.

14.  Listener

Listening isn't easy, so those who have their ears open, are the people who will always be there.

15.  Kind

Kind people are the best kind of people.

16.  Generosity

Even if you can't donate money, there are other ways to donate love, care, and assistance.

17.  Determination

I'm a goal digger.

18.  Open mind

Someone who can accept the ways of all other souls, is someone special.

19.  Fearless

There isn't anything wrong with being afraid, but if you can approach your fear head on, you deserve a standing ovation.

20.  Confidence

And with that courage, confidence is next. I've said it a billion times before and will never stop shouting it, confidence is everything. Those who are confident, are beautiful.

21.  Skillful

Just like talents, we've all got skills. Where I may be skillful at dancing another can be skilled at drawing, playing basketball, singing, or really anything else — and yes, eating counts, too.

22.  Thoughtful

If you've ever had someone who thinks to check up on you when you're struggling, you know how amazing it feels.

23.  Proud

Proud of yourself. Proud of your friends, your family, your neighbors. Proud of what we can all do for ourselves and others.

24.  Humble

If you are appreciative for every single second, you'll see sunshine where others see darkness.

25.  Dreamer

What are your dreams? No, literally, I want to know about your dreams at night. Start your own dream notebook and once all the pages are filled, you'll have some pretty interesting stories to share.

26.  Unique

Don't be like everyone else. Be unapologetically you.

27.  Lovable

Give good hugs and people will love you.

28.  Fighter

The more fights, the stronger you are.

29.  Smart

Because everyone is intelligent in their own way.

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