Poetry On Odyssey: Train Walks & Paintings

She's the kind of girl, a guy would write poems about,
Like a streetcar named desire...
I ain't no liar,
For this girl's got me head over heels.

The way she has a finger-painted smile,
That I could stare for a while-
And never once wonder how much long it's been.
If liking you is a sin,
Then I'd rather be damned.

For her soul creates fires,
And even if I'm tired,
I'll answer every call-
Make every trip,
Take every hit it'll take,
Just to see her.

She's the kind of girl,
You can't see life without.
The kind of girl you cheese in a photo with and can't help but smile on the walk back home

For every smile is a is a bright light.
For meeting her made my night.

Having late night train trips to make you come back for more...

She's a mystery-
The kind of girl you'd spot in a crowded room and you'll just know...
She's special.

For girls like her are hard to come by.

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