Trail of Scars: A Poem
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Trail of Scars: A Poem

Tattoos reveal what you want the world to see, but your scars illustrate your true identity.

Trail of Scars: A Poem
Joshua Doyle

Tattoos are one-sided

skin-sketched ink


what you want the world to see

but your Scars illustrate your true identity

life’s narrative engraved in blood

revealing our stories


exposed memories


our previous vulnerabilities


turned rugged and fierce

Evoking fear, in sworn enemies

fantasizing our friends

worrying our families

seducing our lovers

compelling them

like a radiant summer

on Eden’s tide

I still struggle

to reveal mine

etched on my body

a grunge canvas

pinpointing mistakes

and failures

My Right Leg-

Permanently scraped

after a shattered femur

Left Elbow-

Singed with road rash

Left Arm-

A blotch of cancer

cut out of me

But that’s only the surface

beneath it

in the depths

is what haunts me the most

my deepest secret

ingrained in the amygdala

carved into my back

by a blade

signed and sealed

an eternal reminder:

Never turn to the streets

in a time of need

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