Track-By-Track Album Review Of "Memories…Do Not Open"

Track-By-Track Album Review Of "Memories…Do Not Open"

The Chainsmokers album is officially out and it's a hit.

Are you thinking about buying The Chainsmokers's album "Memories… Do Not Open?" Well, don't think about it anymore and buy it because it is full of hits. This album is The Chainsmokers's first official album and it is a banger, released on April 7th. The Chainsmokers have had many of their songs played on the radio and many of them have been on charts. They even won a Grammy for their song "Don't Let Me Down," and they're going to win another because of this album. Just like many of their other songs, this album is full of songs about relationships and living in the moment. Every song on this album is very relatable and are party anthems. You might as well buy the album now cause you're going to be buying it sooner or later.

1. "The One"

This is a solo with background vocals from Emily Warren, but what's different about this song is that it's a ballad. This song is about being in a relationship with a selfish partner that only really cares about himself and the person that's with them is scared to end the relationship. In the first verse of the song Andrew sings, “I won't make it to your party/Got caught up in my own selfishness,” which basically sets the scene for the song and the meaning of the song, it is also my favorite lyric from the song.

2. "Break Up Every Night"

This is an upbeat alternative song that at the same time keeps the same sound they have in their other songs, with a complete solo from Andrew (I don’t know why they haven’t really done solos before because they are fire). This song makes you want to run in place shaking your head from side to side with its indie rock roots. "Break Up Every Night" is about a crazy relationship with a person that doesn't really have feelings for the other person and just wants to have sex at the end of each day. The other person lets it happen knowing their partner doesn’t really care about them. My favorite lyrics are: “She wants to break up every night/Don't wanna wait until she finally decides to feel it/She wants to break up every night then tries to fuck me back to life.”

3. "Bloodstream"

This is a more mellow song telling the story of a person who feels like they are being misunderstood. People are very disappointed in them to the point that they don't believe anyone could be worse than them. This person is experiencing everything that is bad about life and has really bad luck so they are very frustrated, but they overcome that and accept who they are. My favorite lyrics are: “I gave up three times this week/Went through those feelings/Like I wasn't worth nothing.”

4. "Don’t Say"

This is the first feature on the album and it goes back to their original dance, electronic, and pop sound with vocals from Emily Warren. I would have to say that this is one of my top five favorite songs from the album because this song is telling is my story. The song is about a relationship between two people and one of them is always using excuses for their mistakes, so the other person gets really fed up and is over the relationship. When the relationship ends, the person that is fed up just kinds of laughs because the other person is yet again using excuses about being human and having the same temptations rather than just admitting that their mistakes are their mistakes. My favorite lyrics are: “Don't say, don't say you're human/Don't say, don't say it's not your fault/I won't take the bait or these excuses that you're using.”

5. "Something Like This"

Their second single off their album featuring Coldplay, and it is amazing. It starts with some kind of guitar string and piano, Chris Martin comes in with his wonderful voice, and then the guitar drops out so only the piano is playing. Chris Martin sings and the song climbs up to a beat drop, which, when it happens, is the most wonderful thing ever. To me, the meaning of this song is about a relationship where the guy tries to be the girl's superhero. The girl doesn't want a superhero as a boyfriend, she just wants someone who she can kiss and who can hold her. My favorite lyrics from this song are: “I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts some superhero some fairytale bliss/Just something I can turn to somebody I can kiss.”

6. "My Type"

Another feature, and another song with beautiful vocals from Emily Warren. The meaning of this song is one of my favorites; the toxic relationship you can't leave because you’ve fallen in love with a person who isn’t good for you, but you can't help it because we don't pick and choose who we fall in love with. The drop to this song is a little more calming than the huge beat drops that make you want to jump all over the place, but I think that is because this song has an important meaning. Everyone knows you don't choose who you fall in love with, yet people will still tell you that the person you are with is not worth your time. Who cares if you love them? You would rather be with a person that is bad for you who you love rather than walk around everyday life loving that person but not being with them. My favorite lyrics are: “No, you're not the one, but you're all I want, yeah/People say I'll get hurt, I don't know what they're so afraid of.”

7. "It Won’t Kill Ya"

You guessed it, this song is another feature, but the vocals are from Louane, a French singer whose vocals really capture the song. In this song, they use the phrase “Mon amour” which is French for “My Love.” The beat drop to this song has to be one of my favorites. It has a lot of bass and some hip hop roots. This song reflects living in the moment rather than the struggles of being in a relationship like the other songs on this album. In this song, Louane sings about seeing an attractive person from across the room, but she can’t go over there and talk to them because she doesn’t have the courage to so she keeps trying to get the courage and to go and dance with them all night. My favorite lyrics are: “I know as the night goes on you might end up with someone so why do I bite my tongue?”

8. "Paris"

This was their first single off of the album, and it doesn't have a featuring artist which means that this song is a solo; Andrew is singing by himself with some background vocals from Emily Warren. By the title of this song, you would think it is about a trip to Paris, but it is not. This song is about two people who feel misunderstood in the real world so they go to a place in their mind which the Chainsmokers named Paris; it's like a dream. In this place, they are free to be who they are and be together. They feel understood and they're carefree with no responsibilities. This song isn’t really like any of their other songs. To me, it starts off a little like “Closer,” but this song is a lot more mellow and there is no beat drop. My favorite lyrics from this song are: “If we go down then we go down together/We'll get away with everything/Let's show them we are better.”

9. "Honest"

This song starts differently with someone talking about being the person that reveals yourself before other people do. I love this song because it's kind of a personal letter from Andrew admitting that sometimes he doesn't think about the person he should be thinking about and instead he’s thinking about someone else. My favorite lyrics are: “Like I don't need nobody else but you're not the only one on my mind/If I'm being honest.”

10. "Wake Up Alone"

The vocals in this song are absolutely amazing, but that's because I think Jhene Aiko’s vocals are amazing. Jhene Aiko sings about being famous and having people come into her life now that she has money and a lot of materialistic things, but she doesn’t know if they are in her life because they like her as a person or because of her fame. This song basically tells the story of the loneliness that haunts famous people. This is another song that is one of my top five favorites from this album due to the vocals, the story, and how hype the end of the song is. My favorite lyrics are: “You got real close, say I'm not alone, you understand me but late at night, when I close my eyes, the quiet scares me/Will you still care in the morning?”

12. "Young"

If you love 1980s teen movies, you will love this song! This song is basically all of the movies mixed in one song. "Young" is about a teenage relationship that has to sneak around because they get into too much trouble when they’re together. This is my favorite song from this album, just listening to this song will make you feel more upbeat about your relationship. My favorite lyrics are: ‘We both know I go too far like when I wrecked your car/And almost fought your father when he pushed me in the yard/And all those nights we snuck out, like to meet up at the bar/Don't worry, my love, we're learning to love/But it's hard when you're young.”

13. "Last Day Alive"

This song features Florida Georgia Line, and it's another teen anthem. This is an upbeat song about living life to the fullest like you're going to die tomorrow. My favorite lyrics from this album are: “Twisted up in adolescence/Waking up within your arms/I feel alive and dangerous/You're dangerous, we're dangerous.”

Cover Image Credit: The Chainsmokers

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