Traces Of Hope

Imagining a life without conflict could be considered as dreaming of the impossible. I mean, we are forced to move on through the many rites of passage generations and generations of our families have created, without a chance for change. That is the way things are, everything else is scary and not worth risking our safety for. This leaves us with little to no hope for achieving internal peace, unless we follow the norm, and It's this way of looking at life, as if it was a scheduled "adventure", which has us so lost that we can't distinguished the real challenges, in fact we simply confuse them with crazy feats, impossible acts, coincidences, or we tag those who venture outside the norm as outcasts and misfits. We escape from conflict, we escape at the chance of failure, most often because we are scared of admitting we are the problem, so we try winning and winning no matter the cost. After all, no one can deny us when we are at the top.

We are so high that we can't see anymore, we are blind to our surroundings and our influence on them, we contaminate, we consume, we burn and burn, we stomp and stomp, we cut through forests, hunt through populations and drive over nature like we own it. Like we'll be the last ones to live in this planet, like everything we do will be fixed by the next generation. Well guess what? We might as well be the last generation. Maybe looking down at the abysm will make us turn around and fixed the road we took. Maybe it's in this, soon to be, millennial ruled world that change needs a boost. It is in this times where change needs to spread and things ought to be improved from the bottom up. I'm not saying it's too late, but it's definitely about time.

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