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On June 30, Disney World's Hollywood Studios park opened Toy Story Land. People young and old alike made a mad dash to the park to just get a glimpse of the Pixar-inspired land that feels like you've been shrunken down to the size of a toy. From what I've read so far, the area itself is actually amazing. However, because Toy Story Land just opened, there is always going to be some difficulties that come along with new Disney attraction experiences. Though I have never been there before, this is my take on Toy Story Land since it opened only a few days ago.

1. Disney Imagineers made sure everything was AMAZING in Toy Story Land

Everybody knows that when Disney does something, they go ALL OUT. Toy Story Land is no exception. Just being there literally makes you feel like you are one of Andy's toys just paling around with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. There are so many little details from the movie that they included in the land that even the biggest Disney/Pixar/Toy Story nerd would not notice them all at once.

The two new rides, Slinky Dog Dash (a roller coaster) and Alien Swirling Saucers (kind of like the spinning teacups at Magic Kingdom) offer guests new experiences that they have not had before in a Disney park, using new technology to make the rides as amazing as possible. And don't even get me started on all the new Toy Story merchandise they are selling. All in all, Toy Story Land itself is perfect.

2. Opening day was CRAZY

Now that we have talked about how great Toy Story Land is itself, let's talk about the madness of opening day. Lines were, to put it simply, INSANE. It took some people up to three hours just to walk into the land itself. That does not even include the lines for the new rides, which got as high as a four and a half hour wait. So once you waited three hours to get into Toy Story Land, then you had to wait for another four just to get on a ride if you were not a lucky FastPass+ holder.

There were also hour-long waits to get food at their new food stands within Toy Story Land. Not to mention that the new Alien Popcorn Buckets that everyone was freaking out about for so long sold out within the first couple of hours of the day (for $20 each!) Guests were becoming irritable with the long waits and the heat to the point where they were being rude to the Cast Members (even though it was not their faults.) Luckily, characters like Jesse came to the people waiting in lines to give them something to smile about.

3. But things got better as the day went on!

According to people who were there at the park on opening day, after the daily Florida summer storm hit in the afternoon, you could walk right into Toy Story Land with no problem, as people either just got off the line to avoid the rain or went home. While the waits for rides were still long (which is to be expected for any new ride anywhere), at least guests were able to walk into the land and experience Toy Story from a toy's point of view, even if they were not going on the rides. As the day died down, so the did the lines, giving people a more reasonable amount of time to wait.

4. Tips to avoid the crowds and make the most of Toy Story Land

First of all, now that opening day is over, lines should automatically get a little better. Second of all, if you are staying at a Disney property, you can get to the park an hour early with Extra Magic Hours, giving you an advantage over those with just general admission. For those people with general admission, you NEED to get to the park before it opens and wait. This will allow you to be one of the first in line for any ride that you choose.

According to INSIDER, the key is to go to Toy Story Land at nighttime when there are fewer kids and people are watching the nighttime shows and fireworks. The person who did all these tips was able to wait about 20 minutes for the Alien Swirling Saucers and less than 40 minutes for the Slinky Dog Dash at nighttime. They also went on the Slinky Dog Dash in the morning with a 90-minute wait, which is pretty good for a new ride like that.

With this knowledge and tips, you can be sure to beat the crowds and make the best of your Toy Story Land experience! To infinity and beyond!

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