56 Relatable Things Only College Students Understand
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Did You Really Even Go To Towson If You Haven't Experienced These 56 Things?

It's Towson, not "Toe-son" everyone...

Did You Really Even Go To Towson If You Haven't Experienced These 56 Things?

Towson University is home to 22,000 students located in the seat of Baltimore County, MD. From freshman move-in to your senior year move-out, you will have a lot of memories here. Whether you love Towson or can't stand it, Towson wouldn't be what it is without these 56 (painfully) accurate characteristics:

1. Flying to the back of the shuttle bus because the driver decided to floor it before you get a chance to sit down.

If this doesn't happen to you when you take the shuttle, you didn't go to Towson. You didn't pick a seat; the shuttle picked it for you depending on where you landed. Every Towson student knows which bus this is. If it's a full bus and you're standing, GOOD LUCK.

2. When the Chick-Fil-A workers come out with a fresh batch of nuggets and fries and you have to fight your way to get some before they run out.

I'm telling you, those lines are no joke. They even tried to put a divider between the chicken and fries as if it was going to do anything. Nope, people still reach over you with their smelly armpits and expect you to still have an appetite for chicken. Pits and chicken don't mix.

3. Always making headlines for something PROBLEMATIC.

From the white student union, to protests, to walk-outs, to claiming false HBCU status, and to many more issues, Towson makes the news for almost anything. No, everyone, this isn't something to be proud of, but you can't help what crazy stuff comes to our campus. No matter what foolishness happens at Towson, there is no doubt that we all come together. Towson Twitter will tell you.

4. Skipping class because you can't find parking…

Imagine parking determining if you are going to class today. For my commuter friends, I feel for you guys! Even if you live on campus all the way in West Village, I understand too.

5. On-campus construction playing with your feelings to the point where you think your whole life is a detour...

The amount of construction on this campus is frustrating to the point where I debate on whether I want to go to class or not. Detours are thrown at students left and right. I hope everyone realizes that the school is using our money for class of 2045. The campus better pay all of us back by that time period.

6. Paws Cookouts are nothing but a memory...

If you were here during the Paws cookout era then you've officially earned your Towson stamp. No, I'm not over-hyping this. Those cookouts were the MOVE. I'm still salty because we may never experience this again. At least have a "lot 26" cookout again. I'm actually class of 2020 and I never got to experience West Village parties, which makes me salty too.

7. Having the worst stomach ache of your life because you ate at Glen or Paws (You know what, I'll throw Panda Express in the mix too).

At this point, you are doing this to yourself if you continue to put your stomach through this drama. As an update, Glen is currently closed as of 2019. Hopefully it stays that way. (Disclaimer: I'm not mad at the milkshakes by Paws though.)

8. Losing your OneCard and crying so they won't charge you a big fee

Just letting you know, it's $15 for the first time, $50 for the second, $75….you don't want to hear the rest, I mean it's Towson.

9. Taking the Gold Route to University Village and then walking to West Village Commons to avoid SECU Arena.

If you haven't figured this easy life-hack by now then I don't know how else I can help you make your life easier. You're welcome! It's kind of like taking the shuttle to Commons just to walk to Carroll/Marshall Hall.

HOWEVER....if you're alone and it's dark out, I strongly recommend to not take the shortcut and suck it up.

10. Tower A Elevators (well, let's throw Towson Run in there too)...

Tower A has one of the best views on campus (as you go higher up). But I mean, you might as well have to take the stairs if you ever want to see that view. Towson Run elevators are down every day, so get used to those stairs honey.

11. When all you do is BREATHE and get notified about another charge added to your bursar account…

I'm actually serious. We get charged for a MANDATORY orientation. Got to love Towson. Update: I just learned that if you have 60 credits or more (aka being a junior), Towson will charge you.

12. The weird hours at P-Tux

Yeah, I don't know why P-Tux is open for 3 hours a day…that's just weird. If you ask a Towson student about their schedule, 83% of students will say they built their schedule around P-Tux hours.

13. You could care LESS about football but you never hesitate to go to Towson vs. Morgan.

Nothing is more exciting than a Towson vs. Morgan game. You will see EVERYONE you know and if you sit with all of the Towson clubs, the commentary is the best. Yes, we clearly accepted the fact that the Morgan marching band kills it every time.

14. 90% of students own a Slice of Towson T-Shirt or anything Pizza-related (and this isn't up for debate).

If you notice anyone with a "lost in the sauce," "you want a pizza me," "do you even slice," or an "uptown funk you up" T-Shirt, that means they got it from Slice of Towson. Slice of Towson, better known as "Slice," is a New York-inspired pizza shop located in the heart of Towson. They have really good deals throughout the hours and even serve pizza to drunk college students through their window service at night. For their special nights, they offer T-Shirts. The owner and employees are nice as well.

15. Owning 40+ free T-Shirts provided by the university.

Wait a minute, you're telling me that you PAID for Towson merchandise? Sweetie, you must be a first-semester freshman or transfer. Actually, even THEY know better. All you have to do is stand in place and watch how many shirts get thrown at you.

16. If you don't have food to eat, just sit in the union for 3 hours..trust me, you'll leave that building full.

The union always has something going on everyday. SGA always provides pizza or finger food from Black & Gold.

17. Spending $400+ on textbooks that you are NEVER going to look at.

I mean, this is every school, but have you SEEN these prices for just one access code? If you're still buying books BEFORE the semester starts, you have no one to blame but yourself. This should be INCLUDED in tuition if I can't pass without this book.

18. The Wi-Fi playing with your emotions

Tu-openaccess is honestly the worst Wi-Fi system known to man. It also takes 150 tries to get into tu-secure. You aren't the only one having this issue so don't think it's because you don't know your password.

19. Making sure you successfully run out of the way every time the Greeks stroll at the cookouts.

I'm telling you guys, you have to get out in time. Don't ask questions, just MOVE when they do their thing! Another thing; do NOT try to imitate their strolls because it is disrespectful to the organization.

20. Making a face when the dining hall workers start getting a little stingy when you ask for more meat

There is no way I'm paying 1 MEAL and $2 worth of POINTS for 4 droplets of Honey Walnut Shrimp...There's NO WAY. But then if you ask for just a little more meat, it's a "double-meat." GIRL WHAT? Some of the workers are generous though, so it depends on where you go.

21. Classes are NEVER cancelled. Not even if there is a crisis.

Even during the biggest snowstorms and constant slipping on ice, Towson is always open...

22. Wondering if the books in Cook Library are actually used or for decoration.

Just a thought...I don't know anyone who voluntarily pics up a book and reads on the 5th floor. Just saying. I also hate when professors recommend students get the textbooks from the library because they are impossible to find. I'm pretty sure it's actually wallpaper that is designed to look like books.

23. Wanting to fight whoever got rid of Jamba Juice and replaced it with Piadina, pajama, pinata, palooza--or whatever that place is called.

For the real ones who remember Jamba Juice, it was a favorite among students and all of a sudden, Towson decided that it wasn't worthy enough to stay. The uproar on Twitter was wild. NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS.

24. Constantly bailing on your friends/events because they live in the Towers but you live in West Village

It starts from "Hey, I'm gonna be a little late," to "yeah sis, I'm not coming." If you miss the Gold Route, your plans are cancelled.

25. Paying all of this money to live in Carroll/Marshall Hall but the walls are thin and the closets are the size of a door.

Let's be real. About 90% of your money is going towards the bed and having your own room in general. If you want to gossip about someone or spend time with your significant other, trust me...SOMEONE is going to hear it.

26. Towson weather…

Don't even BOTHER looking at the weather app anymore because it shows nothing but empty promises. I wouldn't be surprised if it was snowing, raining and having a mini earthquake all at once. Classes are still open though.

27. Getting ready to leave the classroom after the 15-minute late mark and your professor has the nerve to show up after you just made plans to grab food with your friends.

The lecture is nothing but a PowerPoint too. Yes, the PowerPoint is ALREADY on blackboard.

28. Waiting 40 minutes for P-Tux pasta/quesadillas

You might as well bring a lawn chair on the line.

29. Trying to get tickets for a campus event and you're starting to regret even skipping "Exam 2 Review" class for this.

The OneCard/ticket office on the 1st floor by Paws is the definition of a stampede. Even the ticket box office employees purposely show up late because they don't want to deal with the mess.

30. Not getting the floor seats you want for Tigerfest because you forgot to remove the 0 digit in your student ID.

Every March/April, students buy tickets for Tigerfest, but the trick is that you have to remove the 0 if you want to get your ticket. People get upset every year. It's worse that a FRESHMAN got a better seat than you. Looks like you're going to have to buy tickets from another student who is selling it for $100 more.

31. Constantly correcting non-Towson people how to pronounce “Towson"

My mom and grandma STILL say “Toe-son." They even add an "N," as if they're saying "town." Where do you see the letter mom?

32. Trying to get into a party by saying “It's my birthday!"

But who doesn't do this. However, by saying “yeah, I'm friends with Jake, he's in the back!" Let's face it, EVERYONE knows a Jake.

33. Having a ZTA Breast Cancer Awareness pin on your backpack or jacket.

If you don't have one, do you go here? Thank you ZTA!

34. Paying for printing

You may think $0.10 per page isn't a big deal, but when you have to start writing 15-page papers and hand in a hard copy, you won't be so "unbothered" anymore. (Honorable mention: Color pages are $0.59 extra.)

Here's a TIP: Go to one of the computer labs in one of the classrooms (when there is no class) and print out what you need. In Van Bokkelen Hall, there's a sheet posted everywhere for open lab times. You can come and print there. Even in the CFA building you can too. I think every major has a computer lab. It also doesn't hurt to ask your roommate.

35. Getting random emails from your student email but you forgot that you were signing up for stuff just to get a free shirt.

Oh, I forgot, but thanks for the 50 shirts and free pizzas though!

36. Choosing a professor on Ratemyprofessor.com and you end up not liking the professor.

This is going to happen at least twice in your school year. But honestly, RMP is still a great source.

37. Getting lost in the LA Building…and this doesn't just apply to freshmen.

You ever walked into the wrong class forgetting that you're on the wrong floor but the numbers look the same? Yeah…

38. Not going a day without seeing people you know…or want to avoid. (*Cough cough* SUSQUEHANNA)

Everyone says Towson is big, but each day you spend here will feel like Towson is smaller than a cafeteria. Don't get scared when you walk into "Susq" and see people staring at you. They're just trying to figure out if you're someone they know.

39. Having $2 in your checking account but you're still making plans to go out.

You can get a lot for $2. It's called F I N E S S E. A lot of people go to Uptown broke, so it's okay.

40. Starting an essay at 11 p.m. that's due on Blackboard by 11:59 p.m.

I mean, WHO HASN'T DONE THIS? At this point you type up a trash essay but still hand it in. This can apply for any university.

41. Using up all your points and being forced to spend 2 meals just for one.

As a friendly reminder, dining points DO NOT reset. I had to learn that the hard way as a freshman.

42. Burdick Hall machines always down.

I'm so glad the new gym was re-opened in 2018, and it makes me more motivated. But honestly, I'd give it 5 months before 97% of the treadmills start malfunctioning like the old one...

43. Forgetting your keys…

In sophomore year, I wrote a whole sign on the door that said “Arielle, do you have your damn keys?" Trust me, they'll charge you after a certain number of times. It's more expensive than the OneCard price.

44. Taking the shuttle from Scarborough to Stephens Hall because you didn't feel like walking.

Girl listen, that hill was no joke. But you'll lose a lot of weight by walking up the hill; just some motivation.

45. Getting frustrated when your classes close.

Picking classes at Towson is the Hunger Games. That's not up for debate.

46. You wrote something on the chalkboard at Freedom Square at least once.

If you haven't then you don't go here...period. It could be something random, important, or fun. Most people use the board for upcoming events or to bring attention to social issues.

47. Feeling like you're the only school who has to pay for laundry…

Especially for students who can't go home every weekend #salty. Sometimes, you'll feel so broke to the point where you contemplate washing and drying your clothes in the bathroom sink. You can't even get mad at me because I know this thought has come across your mind once or twice.

48. The Tiger in Town bus drivers pulling off even when they see you running for the stop.

Calling you guys out…

49. You've been to either CVP, Torrent, Rec Room, Lil Dicky's, Green Turtle (and I'll throw in Paparazzi Nightclub, Bamboo, and OXYGEN too).

Out of all the things I listed and you haven't been to one? These will make your college experience 10x more exciting! Seeing the drunks in their natural habitat is also exciting. You don't even care if each party plays the same music.

50. Being healthy is (damn near) impossible

The dining halls and restaurants are home to fast-food, fried food, and overall quick meals. Sure, there are salads and fruit but no one wants to eat moldy grapes and brown lettuce. Please do better Towson, you're killing us here. If you live in an apartment, try buying your own healthy produce from Weis.

51. Scarborough & Prettyman....need to be quarantined!

Coming from someone who lived in BOTH residence halls, I have one question. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST INSTALL A/C UNITS? (Update: I heard that they are finally installing A/C units so the new freshmen will be able to skate through the pain...really?)

52. The constant debate over PG County vs Baltimore

You will hear about this every day at Towson. When "On Deck" plays, you better do it right. Even when "go-go" music plays, you will feel the urge to dance.

53. There's a 90% chance that your DoorDash driver is someone from your class...

There's always a DoorDash driver who you know. If they mess with your food, you know how to find them.

54. Z-Burger vs Five Guys

Both are life changing. But Towson students can't decide. If you haven't had Z-Burger, you're missing out.

55. Kanji has taken your picture

This man is everywhere…Also, don't be afraid to say hi to him. He's super nice.

56. Being a mess during Tigerfest but you still have a great time, no matter who is performing that year!

99.9% of Towson students will tell you about their crazy experience. This is part of the many reasons why I love my school, and why you guys should too! No matter what obstacles and construction zones Towson has, you wouldn't go to any other school.

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