Tori Vega Has Always Been The Worst Character In Victorious
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Tori Vega Has Always Been The Worst Character In Victorious

Now that Victorious is out on Netflix, begging those of us who watched it in our prime to relive our glory days, I am watching the series again and realizing the star of the show was the worst character.

Tori Vega Has Always Been The Worst Character In Victorious

Fall was in the air and Netflix said "Perfect, now we can get all those high school and college kids to bundle up and rewatch some of their old shows."

Victorious was put on Netflix in the beginning of November, and since then, people have been coming to the obvious conclusion that Tori Vega might just be the worst character on the show.. that she is the star of.

When the show was first put on Netflix, my roommates and I all started watching it. Of course we would, and who wouldn't? We just wanted to relive our prime over again. But something struck all of us as we watched from the "Pilot" episode...Tori Vega kind of sucks.

Now, maybe in our middle school minds, we looked at Tori with rose-tinted glasses, but now, sitting on the floor of our dorm, mouths dropped wide open, we clearly see that she is awful.

We all sat there talking about it for a decent amount of time (instead of writing papers...). Why was Tori the star of the show? What made them create the lead of a children's show to be so horrible? Who was going to tell her that Cat and Jade had more talent in their pinky's than she did in the entire show? (Did I say that?)

Let's get into some of the details that make Tori Vega the absolute worst, shall we?


From the very beginning, Tori flirts with beck, who she happens to soon learn is Jade's boyfriend. You read that right; Jade's boyfriend. All within the first episode, just to get revenge on Jade, she kisses Beck right in front of her face. Imagine how you would feel? Probably not too great! Thus kicking off Tori being the worst.

Throughout the show, we clearly see Tori being a little bit desperate, loud, and annoying. Do you remember "The Bird Scene"? She tried to figure out how to get through it by asking everyone what to do, and when she didn't get her way, she handcuffed Cat and Robbie to try to squeeze answers out of them.

Let's not forget when Cat gets a new boyfriend, that just so happens to be her ex and sabotages their date by exploding a cheese fountain onto the two of them. Talk about acting out of desperation, am I right?

We also have to remember how ungrateful Tori is when everyone around her is helping her constantly. How about during her sister Trina's "Birth Week"? Tori can't come up with a gift for Trina. Andre ends up writing, playing, and gathering other people to help Tori sing a song for Trina. Not once does Tori thank Andre for doing all of the work for her sister's birthday.

I understand that this show is about Tori, but as a character, she really has a way of making EVERYTHING about herself. From wiggling her way into other people's relationship business, always stealing the spotlight, and having to drown everyone out by whining a little bit louder; Tori Vega has proven to be the worst.

Finally, because somebody has to say it, Tori just so happens to fall shorter than others in her level of talent. Don't get me wrong, Tori does "make it shine" a good deal, but compared to some of those around her, one might even say she doesn't deserve all of the praise she gets.

I think our young brains were forced to believe Tori was the most talented because she had the most air time. Looking at it now, Cat and Jade crush every performance they give, constantly taking on much more difficult music than Tori ever did. Not only that, but people tend to underestimate Andre's power because he is always behind Tori. But that man can certainly belt a tune and play along as well! All of the secondary characters on Victorious also happen to be extremely talented to the point that Tori getting all of the attention doesn't really make sense to me anymore.

All I can really say is, I am just one opinion out of the millions of us that watched the show when it aired almost a decade ago. Looking back on it now, Tori Vega can be given mega props for starting at an art school as a normal kid and learning to surprise herself and others along the way with her talent; but overall she was more than slightly overrated.

With a selfish and ungrateful attitude, average vocals in comparison to those around her, and an uptight, dramatic vibe; Tori Vega was and still reigns as the worst character on Victorious.


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