8 Topics To Avoid This Holidays Season To Have A Happy Holiday

8 Topics To Avoid This Thanksgiving So That You Can Enjoy Your Family Dinner

Thanksgiving, and really any holiday, can be tough when awkward topics of conversation are brought up.


Every year when the family gets together, conversations are bound to happen and sometimes there are topics that must be avoided in order to enjoy the gracious holiday.

1. Politics

This is the biggest topic that should be avoided, no matter what you believe or what party you represent. For me, I come from a family full of conservative Republicans. Some are very open and understanding to others opinions, and some are not so kind. When I hear something that either I may not necessarily agree with I tend to speak up, but generally, I try to avoid confrontation when it comes to tough topics of conversation.

2. Educational Plans

Even though I have my life pretty much figured out, I still hear the occasional voice of doubt from family members. We college students are all really struggling by this time in the semester and we've been looking forward to a break since the semester started. Though the break is short, is definitely much needed and deserved.

3. Diets

It's said every year, "My diet is starting after the holidays!" We all just laugh and ignore the fact that none of us actually start a diet after the holidays. Instead, this year I decided to start dieting before the holidays so that my body can prepare itself for the holiday feast.

4. Social life

Now that I have entered my Sophomore year of college, I have started to live more of a life instead of just going to school and work. If family tries to start fishing into something pertaining to your life that you don't want them to know, change the subject to them or even their kids. People generally like to talk about themselves and especially their kids and their achievements.

5. Dating life

Ah, this one is my favorite. Somehow at dinner my dating life gets brought up and someone asks about "So and so" who I used to date. And when grandma jokes about you ending up alone with cats, don't feel bad.

6. Other people's business

It's hard not to gossip, trust me. My mom is the main person who listens to any gossip I may have. But gossip can be dangerous because you never know who it's going to affect and how they may perceive it. Sometimes there's harmless gossip that can be spilled, but you must be absolutely sure that it is harmless and won't hurt anyone.

7. Avoid fighting at all costs

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for and it shouldn't be spent fighting or with awkward moments. Generally, if you feel a situation is heating up, just try to calm it down and change the subject. Get someone talking about something they're passionate about if they begin to become frustrated or if it seems that they start to begin an argument.

8. Discussing the changes you would make to the food

I am all for praising the cook cause Lord knows my grandma puts in so much work to our Thanksgiving meal. I have heard stories from my friends that said when they have been at dinner, others have openly expressed how they would change the food and adjust the recipes. If you would like to do that, go for it! Just don't discuss it at the table and especially in front of the people who worked so hard to make it all possible.

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