Guys, These 7 Things Do Not Impress Women
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Guys, These 7 Things Do Not Impress Women

The best way to a girls heart is to be honest and real, so stop trying so hard to be someone you're not.


Ladies, we can recall at least once in our lives when a boy was trying too hard to impress us.

The funny thing is, most things a boy considers impressive doesn't really phase us. Not saying everything they think is impressive isn't, just most times it's not what we care most about when first getting to know a guy.

Guys, I am going to tell you the things most women don't want to hear about (at least constantly) when you're trying to impress her. Now, this doesn't apply for all women, but I think it's safe to say it applies to most.

What I can say is be real. Girls are usually smart enough to tell when you're lying about something so the best way to a girls heart is to be real and honest. We like to hear you have ambition and that you have a softer side to you. If you're going on a first date or just talking to a girl you like and want to impress her, try to avoid these topics for the best results.

1. How much alcohol you can handle

I can honestly say, most guys I have talked to find this "talent" of theirs to be their most impressive.

Do not tell a girl you can chug 20 beers and do 15 shots and not have a hangover. That may impress your frat bros and guy friends, but most girls will think you're a borderline alcoholic.

Part of the bragging about alcohol tolerance can be blamed on the stigma behind drinking for young people but think about it. No girl has on her checklist of an ideal boyfriend "must be able to chug alcohol like a pro" on their list. Drinking is fun but there is a line between acceptable and excessive drinking.

Also, no drunk story is ever as impressive as you think it is. Sure it can be funny but it's usually more embarrassing than it is impressive.

2. How many reps you can do in the gym

Congratulations on being able to deadlift 200 lbs but unless your girlfriend has specifically mentioned she is into gym stats, she probably doesn't care about how much you can lift or how many reps of a certain amount of weight you can do.

Also, if you're really into the gym she can probably tell by how ripped you are, so I don't think it's necessary to state over and over that you were at the gym or that you did these workouts at the gym today.

3. Faking sports knowledge

As a girl who grew up with a brother and having mainly guy friends, I can tell when a guy knows his sports stats and when he doesn't. You don't have to like sports because you're a guy. In fact, it makes you look kind of stupid when you don't know what you're talking about.

Most girls would rather you talk about something you do know than make something up on the fly. Don't talk about the Michigan State football game and how you feel Rocky Lombardi did during the 4th quarter unless you actually watched the game!

4. Mansplaining topics

Nothing is a bigger flag for me when talking to a guy than when he feels the need to "mansplain" something to me.

Women are usually good at asking you to explain a point further if they are lost, but unless they specifically ask you what you're talking about you don't need to break it down like you're talking to a 4th grader.

If you're an engineer and she's a teacher she may need you to use more common words to describe your field than "Adenosine triphosphate" or "Paramagnetism" as those words would confuse anyone who isn't an engineer regardless of gender.

We want to hear what you're passionate about but please don't speak in a derogatory way if we do ask for further clarification.

5. How many girls you've hooked up with

Again, another topic that may impress your bros but is guaranteed to make most girls cringe.

That's in the past and if you're on a date with a new girl why would you bring up the past? No one likes hearing about how many people the other has hooked up with. In fact, when this topic is discussed I can bet the other is thinking "have they been tested recently?"

If you want the girl to keep talking to you, I suggest you skip this topic until you guys are official.

6. Your exes

No one, and I mean no one, likes to hear about their new person of interests ex or multiple exes.

This just sends thoughts running like "why is he still into her?" "does he still talk to her?" or "was she prettier than me?"

These aren't good thoughts to put into a girls head as she can make them a bigger deal than they really are. Again, another topic for another day when you guys make it official. Also with this topic, don't brag about how you dumped her. That just comes off as heartless rather than you were too good for her or outgrew the relationship because she was "crazy."

7. How you are in a frat

Bravo. If being in a frat is the most exciting thing in your life and you mention it every other word, her eyes may glass over.

That's great you're in a frat but I bet she doesn't want to hear about all the wild parties your frat throws or how many citations it has received from the university for "partying too hard."

Maybe talk about your frats philanthropic efforts instead of the wild alcohol-fueled parties.

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