Kick Off This Semester By Watching These Top-Tier YouTube Commentators
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Kick Off This Semester By Watching These Top-Tier YouTube Commentators

Take a quick break from your studies to indulge in the most fruitful content of the YouTube community.

Kick Off This Semester By Watching These Top-Tier YouTube Commentators

I love staying up way too late to watch way too many YouTube videos just as much as the next college student, so much so that I've developed a list of my favorite commentators on the platform. So in no particular order, below are my top four content creators in the commentary community.

Beware: Don't laugh too loud while watching these videos, or you'll wake up your roommate!

1. Leon Lush

Give this man a "The Most Sophisticated Commentary Content Creator of 2019" plaque, please! Equipped with an edgy sense of humor and borderline raunchy skits, Leon is the pinnacle of satirical commentary on YouTube. But within his extremity, his ability to address topics in a tasteful manner by viewing each from multiple perspectives garners him immense respect from his fanbase.

2. Danny Gonzalez

As a former Viner-turned-YouTuber, Danny presents all the classic traits of a successful multiverse man: a meme. His most recent dip into this internet culture? A video in which he tests the clickability of the trend of "shock factor" social media ads gaming apps have been producing. These outrageous productions depict, say, an ugly princess magically becoming beautiful, yet when the viewer clicks on the ad, it's really just a medieval battle game. So, Danny puts his own spin to the concept by creating his own self-promotion of his YouTube channel—complete with visuals just as irrelevant and bizarre as those of gaming companies—and monetizing them into actual YouTube video ads. Just watch and see for yourself!

3. Jarvis Johnson

Jarvis is a tech mastermind AND a hilarious commentator...what more could you ask for in a content creator? He combines these two talents to produce meaningful points in his arguments. For instance, he coded a random title generator website to emphasize how fake, sensational or ridiculous they are when they pertained to the trend of animated and allegedly true story videos written by kids. But beyond just intersecting the realms of humor and technology, Jarvis also explores the nuances of High School Musical I. There. Nothing more needs to be noted about that musical and cinematic masterpiece.

4. Drew Gooden

Following the Vine era, what more could the iconic "Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does!" catchphraser do with his social media fame than to develop a successful YouTube channel? Starting with his classic video intro to who seems to be someone named "Guy" (but it's really a form of address instead of the plural "guys"), Drew's subtle, nonsensical humor makes his material all the more giggle-worthy...peep to the "Road Work Ahead" sign that's always in the background of his videos.

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