Top Three Netflix Shows

…to binge and chill with

As I look outside, and notice the cold, and rainy overcast, all I want to do is binge watch Netflix, and chill. Just like any normal individual— with an opportunity to possess a subscription— Netflix is the perfect media utensil to utilize when intense boredom strikes, and do not know what to do with life. But, what happens when an individual runs out of episodes on their favorite show? The abundant selection is available, but some choices are less entertaining than others. So, what show should be viewed, and enjoyed? This is a comprised list— containing multiple genres of satisfaction— that can be employed when a person is searching for a brand-new show to binge.

  • American Horror Story— If you are in the mood for thrills and chills, then it is time to turn this show on. If you are looking to spend all week binging shows, then this would be the best option—since they have all six seasons up to date on Netflix. Viewers can easily become attached to the characters throughout the episodes and can easily watch one season in a day. Each season has a new theme with new characters and plots, the characters change but each season has the normal actors with some new people introduced as well. This is easily one of the best shows that Netflix has to offer and is highly recommended to anyone who has never seen it.
  • Friends— If you are an individual looking to have a basis of inspiration, for real life friendships, then Friends is the perfect show to admire and enjoy. The show—consisting of ten seasons, each with at least fifteen episodes— follows a group of six individuals living their lives in New York City, with twists, surprise events, and all around amazing laughs that can be enjoyed for multiple years to come. Experience the whole series, and laugh along with every punch line and memorable quote.
  • The Fosters— If you want to experience a dramatic, chilling, and somewhat saddening—yet inspirational— plotline and dialogue, then The Fosters is the greatest example of what real life and true contempt and livelihood should exist of. The show follows the paths of a lesbian couple, with one biological child, and four adopted children, as they encompass devastating, intense, and seemingly inspirational moments, that evoke stirring and goose-bump giving emotions, that will leave you speechless, and craving more. Enjoy binge watching the entire series— up to date— setting up the upcoming season that will premiere on TV, and enjoy laughter, vivid scenes, and tears that create a sense of emotion, that cannot be removed.