What Does Your Ideal Spring Break Look Like?
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What Does Your Ideal Spring Break Look Like?

What's your plans for this Spring Break, 2017?

What Does Your Ideal Spring Break Look Like?
Ariel Sabo

What's your ideal spring break like? Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Bahamas, Miami Florida, attending a concert or maybe even sleeping for days and just relaxing... Here are the top 14 things to do over this Spring break!

1. Catch up with friends

What's better than to catch up with old friends from home? Spend time with each other, catch up, watch a movie... whatever!


Every college student needs sleep, especially after a stressful week of midterms! Catch up on sleep and relax!

3. Spend time with Family

Whether you live five, ten or three hours away from home, watch your favorite tv show together, have family dinners or spend a night out at dinner telling your parents how stressful midterms are...

4. City

Whether it's Boston, NYC, Miami or Philly, take a day trip with friends from home, college friends or family for the day/ weekend!

5. Hiking

Take a hike with your dog, friends or family if it is a nice day.

6. Visit High School

Visiting old teachers can't be so bad! Take the day and see some familiar faces in your neighborhood!

7. Offer to work

Ask to babysit to make some extra cash or ask the place you're employed at to work some extra hours!

8. Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

If your spring break happens to fall on Saint Patty's Day, have fun with friends, go the parade or spend time with family!!!

9. Catch up on Netflix

Spend time catching up on Greys, Jane the Virgin, 90210 or Gossip Girl!

10. Spa Day

For all the ladies out there who are just as stressed out as I am, maybe use an avocado mask


What's better than baking cookies with friends, helping mom cook dinner or have a day where you just bake because why not!!! Who doesn't love baking? (Even though this is me and my friends from Christmas!!)


Take a few hours to relax your brain. Take out a coloring book and just color while listening to soothing music!

13. Beach

If you live somewhere warm, take the day and hit the beach... what's better than taking in a little sun!

14. Take a Vacation


No matter what you all end up doing, enjoy a relaxing spring break 2017!!!

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