Many times, for me, pet peeves have to do with other people but sometimes I tend to drive myself crazy as well. I don't know if it's just me and I get annoyed easily, but I have too many pet peeves and here are the top ten.

1. M.Y.O.B

When someone can't mind their own business, it drives me crazy and maybe that's because they just want to make sure I'm alright or they want to check up on me, but that is what I am here for. I can take care of myself, and I am sure we all have that friend who knows that but decides to get inside our lives anyway.

2. When someone doesn't pay you back

It isn't the money that bothers me, but when people say something like "I promise I will pay you back" and a year passes by and they still haven't done it. In my experience, every time I lent someone my money, they seem to be so content in the moment that they forgot that they actually would have to pay me back at SOME point.

3. When someone forgets what you said

Sometimes I feel like when I tell someone something, they pretend to forget what I said since I only told them 99 times before the 100th time and then I tell them again. It is a pain for all of us so if you have too much going on to remember what I said a few minutes ago, then I will make sure not to say it next time.

4. When someone talks over me...constantly

If I could count the number of times someone has cut my sentence off to talk about themselves or anything but MY topic, I would lose track of the numbers. Maybe sometimes people are in too much of a hurry and decide to talk over me because they can't wait any longer to hold in what they are saying, but sometimes I would like the chance to take part of at least 10% of the conversation.

5. “I totally failed that”

Ever heard of "oh yeah I definitely failed that math exam today" from the person who always comes to you to tell you that they got an A? Again? Maybe this would be more logical if someone actually felt like they failed something, and it was absolutely necessary to say this, but personally, I try to refrain from saying this because I feel like either my grade will get jinxed or I know I didn't fail, but if this comes from a person who does well every single time, it's just plain irritating.

6. When someone tells you or implies that your opinion is wrong

I may have very weird opinions sometimes, but the point of an opinion isn't to have some sort of statistical data to prove it because it is MY view and MY belief. If I said "that dog is super cute" it wouldn't make sense for someone to say "no, not really," but if there wasn't anyone who hasn't said this before, then this wouldn't be on my list of pet peeves.

7. Helping someone to help themselves

Incentives are a great example to help someone to help ourselves. Remember those annual food drives we have in school? In middle school, we would always get a treat for bringing in the most food, and the prizes would be TVs, iPods, earbuds or a toy for the younger kids. The prizes got better each year so it only made sense for the kids to keep bringing in food to get what they wanted. It's completely understandable that younger kids would want the toys since they might not know the value of donations or charity, but when kids grow up to STILL be this way, that is when I get a little upset.

8. Being rushed

You know when you're eating and you have to be somewhere or do something so someone (or yourself) rushes you into eating quicker, but there is only an extent to how fast you can eat? I feel this way every time I'm getting rushed, but sometimes I just don't see the point. If I could actually multitask, maybe this wouldn't be a problem.

9. "No offense..but"

I can say with complete confidence that this is a super common one. What is the point of adding "no offense" if everyone knows that it's going to be an insult anyway? It's just a way of preventing the other person from getting mad, but in my opinion, starting off with "no offense" will anger me more than the actual "insult."

10. And lastly it's "you're" NOT "your"

"You are" and "your" are completely different words, starting with the fact that one of them is actually two words. There are times when this is just a simple mistake, and I understand, but when it happens all the time in messages or emails, I get frustrated because some people can't even try to fix it and just leave it as it is.