If you know me, you know all I do is listen to music, shazam songs, and constantly ask people for song requests. So I thought I'd take the other side and give other's my favorite songs.
Here are my top 10 songs of 2018.

Note: Not all of these songs were released in 2018.

11. Sad still by QuinnXCII

I have now seen Quinn in concert 3 times this year, and each time he gets better and better. I even Instagram dm-ed him telling him how amazing his last concert was, and that I love his newest song, which happened to be Sad Still. Although this is not my favorite of Quinn's songs, the song discusses mental health and how even though someone may be taking medication for it, all their problems don't just disappear. It has an amazing message and also—is a bop.

10. I Lived by One Republic

As a member of Terp Thon Planning Team we often watch videos about the Miracle Children at Children's National to keep us in high spirits throughout the entire year. I Lived, is one of the songs that is often played in these videos, and makes me cry almost every single time. This song is what has kept me connected to Terp Thon and reminds me why we raise money.

9. Stay together by Noah Cyrus

Who would have thought one of my favorite songs would be sung by Miley Cyrus' little sister Noah, but here we are. Stay Together is slow, but is one of my favorite ones to belt out in the car.

8. The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls

This was the song at the bid day for my sorority that went directly with our theme. Now, you're probably rolling your eyes because. It's related to Greek life, but let me tell you, this song is what began a journey of friendships that will last forever and memories I won't forget.

7. Let It Be by The Beatles

A classic. Throughout my entire life music has always been something my Dad and I have shared, and this song has been one of them.

6. Superficial by Lawrence

One of the more relatable songs on this list: people being Superficial. Not only realistic, but also, a bop. I saw Lawrence perform this song in concert in a small venue in DC, and at one point in the song the band stopped playing and the crowd screamed the lyrics. From that moment on I listened to it all the time.

5. better off by Jeremy Zucker feat. Chelsea Cutler

This is one of those songs I listen to when I'm in the mood to be in deep thought. It gets your feels going and has amazing vocals on top of that.

4. High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

PATD is a boy band I've loved since my freshman year of high school, and since I loved all their old music I was always nervous to listen to their new music, and I am so happy I did. High Hopes is a confidence booster kind of song you want to listen to over and over again.

3. My Type by The Chainsmokers

I will be the first to say that many of The Chainsmokers songs sound exactly the same, but there's something about My Type which makes is special. At the end of the bridge, there is a harmony that makes you feel happy and free.

2. Another Sad Love Song by Khalid

At Governers Ball in NYC this year, Khalid performed his heart out, and in the middle of this song the clouds parted and the rain stopped. Khalid stopped, closed his eyes, and put his arms out ecstatic that this was happening. The entire crowd cheered, and it was one of the most surreal feelings in the entire world.

1. This is America by Childish Gambino

When this song first came out it was right around finals in May, and I swear, it kept me up at night. Instead of studying for my finals, all I did was watch the music video for this song. While the song itself is brilliant, the music video is filled with symbolism and social commentary on this time in the USA and I absolutely loved, and still do love, every second of Gambino's glory.