4 Top Products For Your Own In Home Photo Studio
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4 Top Products For Your Own In Home Photo Studio

Look like a professional in your own home!

4 Top Products For Your Own In Home Photo Studio

Recently getting into Photography, I wanted to experiment with taking portraits of people. I found with the help of Amazon, I could build my own in-home studio at a low cost!

1) Limo Studio Lights ($63.99)

These 700W lights are my FAVORITE accessory to my in home studio; it really helps my pictures come out bright and my subjects faces stand out. It also comes with a carrying case so it makes traveling hassle free if you have to take the lights to someone’s home to take pictures. Very easy to set up, and for the price I was very impressed!

2) Backdrop Frame ($32.50)

If you don’t have a nice wall or background for your subject, I highly suggest a backdrop. They make your pictures look like they were taken by a professional! A backdrop frame is a definite! While you can hang a backdrop on a plain wall, it’s just easier for me to have a frame I can just set up and break down and travel with. It’s not too expensive and does the job quite well! Plus it’s extendable for different sized backdrops!

3) Kate’s Backdrops ($33 - $54)

I recommend Kate’s Backdrops because her backdrops are made of high quality microfiber cloth. Some backdrops on Amazon I found were to be made from the same material table cloths are made of. Now depending on the size you get, the price may vary. I recommend a plain color. I own three of her backdrops and wouldn’t think of buying backdrops from anywhere else!

4) External Flash ($31.99)

This isn’t a MUST for your in home studio, but it definitely helps fill in lighting for different angles. I also love the external flash not just for studio portraits, but for low lighting events. This external flash isn’t nearly as harsh as the flash attached to my camera and this flash comes with different settings to make the flash brighter.

While there are only four products here, I find these four key items are great for beginners. such as myself, looking to get into photography. The products are cheap, quality is great, and it really enhances portrait pictures to make it look as if a professional took them!

Don't believe me? Well here's my work done with these products!

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