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The Top 5 Non-Quarterback Weapons Remaining In The NFL Playoffs

Quarterbacks get all the glory, but which players are making their quarterback's lives easier?

The Top 5 Non-Quarterback Weapons Remaining In The NFL Playoffs

As fans, we always give the credit to the quarterback. In the last three years, all the MVP's have been QBs and so have the Superbowl MVPs. Fans don't seem to realize that many of the times, the reason the quarterback is so good is because of his arsenal of weapons. Below are the players that help their quarterback look like a star.

Tyreek Hill (Chiefs)

Tyreek Hill is the only legitimate weapon on the Chiefs besides Mahomes and Kelce. Most of the time the big plays that Mahomes makes happen is because of Hill's speed. Hill is able to run like a cheetah and separates from defenders with ease. Hill's ability to take the ball to the house as a ball carrier and receiver makes him a huge presence on the field. Hill is perhaps the most dangerous non-quarterback in the AFC.

Aaron Donald (Rams)

Aaron Donald is the only defensive player on this list and this speaks high volumes to how well he plays. Donald had 20.5 sacks this season; that's more than some team's total sack all year. Donald is an interior wrecking ball and is always double guarded. He makes big plays happen and can be the most dangerous player on the field for stretches at a time. He is a major weapon for the Rams.

Alvin Kamara (Saints)

Since Kamara entered the league by storm last year, he has been a huge force for the Saints. Kamara is a running back and a receiver combined into one. Defenses have to gameplan to double cover him, and even then, Kamara is able to burst open and make big plays happen. Against the Eagles in the Divisional Round, Kamara was part of the big turnaround for the Saints offense in which he started making big chunk plays. Kamara might not be the biggest play-maker on the Saints, but he is still one of the best in the league.

Todd Gurley (Rams)

Todd Gurley is the engine for the Rams offense. When Todd Gurley was gone, the Rams were on a losing streak and were unable to make the big plays happen. Without Gurley, Jared Goff became a liability throwing way more interceptions than before. When Todd Gurley was on the field against Dallas in the playoffs, it was clear how large his impact was. With him, the play-action passing opened up and because of that, there were also big run plays happening. Gurley impacts the game in a way almost no other running back does (except Kamara)

Michael Thomas (Saints)

Michael Thomas is by far the most dangerous receiver in the NFL right now. Drew Brees and Thomas have this connection, and Thomas does not drop balls. An 85 percent catch completion rate is unheard of and Thomas was able to achieve that this year breaking the previous record of below 80 percent. Against the Eagles in the Divisional round, Thomas caught 12 balls for the Saints and recorded a total of 171 yards.

Thomas also had the most catches this year out of any player. He is such a dangerous weapon and even when double guarded Thomas can burn defenses. He has elevated the New Orleans offense to a new level and is definitely the most dangerous player remaining in the playoffs.

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